Graduate Catalog 2010-12



Susan E. Pease, Dean

Richard L. Roth, Associate Dean

Mary Horan, Assistant Dean

Felton Best, Assistant to the Dean

Mary Anne Nunn, Assistant to the Dean

Brian Sommers, Assistant to the Dean

Robert Wolff, Assistant to the Dean

Phone: 860-832-2600

Fax: 860-832-2601

Web address:

The School of Arts and Sciences offers the M.A. degree in biological sciences, English, history, graphic information design, mathematics, modern language, public history, and psychology and the M.S. in biological sciences, communication, computer information technology: computer science, criminal justice, data mining, geography, international studies, and natural sciences.

Many academic departments within the School of Arts and Sciences provide the major for the post-baccalaureate certification program for secondary school teachers.

Currently, two graduate-level Official Certificate Programs are offered through the School of Arts and Sciences: the Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Data Mining and the Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Public Relations/Promotions. The School also contributes to the interdisciplinary Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Pre-Health Studies.

A limited number of graduate assistantships are available in each department offering a master’s degree program. Students seeking information about assistantships or program requirements should contact the academic department directly. For general information, students may call the Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences (860-832-2600), located in DiLoreto 112 or the Graduate Studies Office (860-832-2363), located in Barnard Hall.


Graduate Programs in the School of Arts and Sciences

Anesthesia: M.S.

Art Education: M.S., Teacher Certification, Post-Master’s

Biological Sciences: M.A., M.S., Teacher Certification

Chemistry: Teacher Certification

Communication: M.S., OCP

Criminal Justice: M.S.

Data Mining: M.S., OCP

Earth Sciences: Teacher Certification

English: M.A., Teacher Certification, Post-Master’s

General Science: Teacher Certification

Geography: M.S.

History: M.A., Teacher Certification, Post-Master’s

Information Design: M.A.

International Studies: M.S.

Mathematics: M.A., M.S., Teacher Certification

Modern Languages: M.A., Teacher Certification

Music Education: M.S., Teacher Certification, Post-Master’s

Natural Sciences: M.S., Post-Master’s

Physics: Teacher Certification

Psychology: M.A.

Public History: M.A.

Social Studies: Teacher Certification

Spanish: Teacher Certification

TESOL: M.S., Teacher Certification




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