Graduate Catalog 2010-12

Vocational-Technical Education


Note: Additional work will be required for graduate credit in 400-level courses.

VTE 400         Evaluating Student Achievement in Vocational-Technical Education   3
Prereq.:  VTE 113. Procedures for evaluating student achievement of instructional objectives with application in vocational subjects that is reflective of BEST Portfolios. Spring. 

VTE 415         Principles of Career and Technical Education                                        3
An introduction to the principles and philosophy of vocational education and its impact on society. A brief historical development of career and technical education, supportive legislation, characteristics of the various program fields, delivery systems, and current issues and problems. 

VTE 450         Principles and Organizations of Cooperative Work Education             3
The development and organization of work experience programs at the secondary school level. Examines those activities necessary to establish, maintain, and improve cooperative work education programs. Fall. 

VTE 455         Labor Market Trends and Student Job Readiness                                  3
Analysis of factors influencing the work placement of cooperative work education students. Special attention given to the study of present needs as well as anticipated trends in Connecticut's labor market, and the development of a curriculum to establish job readiness skills. Spring. 

VTE 480         Curriculum Development for Trade Department Heads                       3
Curriculum development for trade department heads at Connecticut technical high schools.

VTE 482         Instructional Supervision and School Administration for Trade Department Heads   3
Insructional supervision and school administration for trade department heads in the Connecticut technical high school system.

VTE 490         Topics in Vocational-Technical Education                                      1 TO 3
Special purpose programs designed to meet the needs of selected groups of vocational teachers or directed independent studies for individual students. Provides a mechanism that encourages the vocational instructor to elect, with the guidance of University faculty, job-specific and short-term selective experiences to insure the instructor's technical expertise. May be repeated on different topics to a maximum of 6 credits. On demand.  


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