Graduate Catalog 2010-12


Note: Additional work will be required for graduate credit in 400-level courses.

SOC 411 Oral History for the Social Sciences 3
Prereq.: SOC 310 or HIST 301 or ANTH 374 or permission of instructor. Exsamination of oral history as a social science methodological approach. Emphasis on the collection, transcription, analysis, archiving, indexing, and dissemination of primary data. Irregular.

SOC 433 Independent Studies in Sociology 1 TO 3
Advanced study and projects in sociology of special interest to students under the supervision of one or more department members. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 credits. On demand.

SOC 452 Organizations, Occupations, and Work 3
Prereq.: SOC 110 and 3 additional credits in Sociology. Systematic study of large scale, bureaucratic organizations with emphasis on relations among the organization's members, the organization as a social entity and its social and physical environment. Irregular.



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