Graduate Catalog 2010-12

Computer Electronics Technology

Note: Additional work will be required for graduate credit in 400-level courses.

CET 402         Topics in Computer Electronics Technology                                 1 TO 3
Prereq.:  Permission of department chair. An individualized inquiry of comprehensive study into a selected technical area. The students may elect to examine processes, products or developmental aspects of networking, telecommunications or electronics. May be used as an elective on a graduate student's planned program advisor. Course may be repeated for a maximum of 6 credits for different topics. On demand. 

CET 405         Applied Topics in Computer Electronics Technology                            3
Prereq.:  Permission of department chair. A laboratory oriented course providing comprehensive study of a selected technological topic. May be used as an elective on a graduate student's planned program of study with the permission of the program advisor. Course may be repeated for a maximum of 6 credits for different topics. On demand. 

CET 443         Electronic Communication                                                                         3
Prereq.:  CET 233 or CET 236; for graduate students, admission to the School of Graduate Studies. RF transmitting and receiving circuits, amplitude and frequency modulation and detection, phase modulation, antennas, RF transmission lines, and data transmissions. Focus on units of measurement. Laboratory experiments cover resonance, modulation, demodulation, and transmission channels. Lecture/lab meets 5 hours per week. On demand.

CET 449         Advanced Networking                                                                                3
Prereq.:  CET 349; for graduate students, permission of chair. Major emphasis on switching and STP, VLANs and InterVLAN routing. Basic Wireless concepts and configuration. In-depth focus on WAN technology, theory and design, including serial communication, HDLC, PPP, Frame Relay. Secure router management and ACL creation. Lab includes hands-on switching and routing configuration and troubleshooting Layer 2 and Layer 3 networking equipment and software. Lecture/lab meets 5 hours per week.

CET 453         Microcomputers                                                                                         3
Prereq.:  CS 213 or CS 151, and CET 363; for graduate students, permission of department chair. Microcontroller architecture including basic memory design, address decoding and internal register structure, and assembly language programming including addressing modes and instruction set. Laboratory work consists of programming and interfacing experiments. Lecture/lab meets 5 hours per week. Spring.

CET 479         Internet Technologies                                                                                3
Prereq.:  CET 349. Laboratory-based course emphasizing concepts, tools, applications, and development of internet-related technologies. Includes the planning, design, building, and management of an HTTP server. Can count as elective in CIT Technology Specialization. Lecture/lab meets 4 hours per week.

CET 501         Applied Networking Technology                                                              3
Prereq.:  Admission to the School of Graduate Studies. Functions and capacities of LAN/WAN networks, including design concepts of HTTP servers. Credit not given to students who have completed CET 249 as an undergraduate student. Fall.

CET 502         Applied Networking Technology II                                                           3
Prereq.:  CET 501 or permission of department chair. Covers router configurations, router protocols, switching and hub terminology. Implementation of router startup commands, manipulation or router configuration files, IP and data link addressing. Interconnect routers, hubs and switches. On demand.

CET 513         Computer Applications for the Professional                                           3
Prereq.:  Admission to the School of Graduate Studies. Designed for business professionals who need to expand their knowledge of application software. Includes the in-depth application and interrelationship of state-of-the-art managerial software packages. On demand.

CET 533         Digital Telecommunications                                                                      3
Prereq.:  Admission to graduate studies. Digital communication techniques including coding, decoding, multiplexing, synchronous and asynchronous communication. Digital transmission for computer networks and modems. Covers digital radio principles and fiber optic applications. On demand.

CET 543         Telecommunications Systems                                                                   3
Prereq.:  CET 533 or permission of department chair. Radio and optical transmission systems, electromagnetic waves propagation, reflection, refraction and diffraction. Covers satellite communication related to broadcasting, telephony and data transmission. Introduction to characteristics and applications of antennas, cellular phones, fiber optics cables. On demand.

CET 559         Applied Network Security                                                                          3
Prereq.:  CET 501. Practical techniques of network security. Current applied research project presentation is expected. Topics include general security concepts, communication security, intrastructure security, cryptography basics, and operational security. This is a link course with CET 459. On demand.

CET 596         Technological Problems and Issues                                                1 TO 3
Prereq.:  Admission to graduate program. Extensive study of selected technological issues and problems. Course may be repeated with different topics for a maximum of 6 credits. On demand.



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