Graduate Catalog 2010-12


CNSL 500       The Dynamics of Group Behavior                                                            3
Prereq.:  Admission to the graduate program and/or permission of department chair. Experiential approach to more effective interpersonal communication. Opportunity is offered for personal growth in awareness and understanding both of self and others, and in the communication of that self-awareness and understanding. The orientation of this course is educational. Students enrolled in this course may be observed by students in CNSL 507. Fall, Spring, Summer.

CNSL 501       Theories and Techniques in Counseling                                                  6
Prereq.:  Admission to M.S. in Counselor Education or Marriage and Family Therapy. Investigation of theories and techniques in counseling, including research findings and skill development. Fall, Spring, Summer.

CNSL 503       Supervised Counseling Practicum                                                            3
Prereq.:  Written permission from advisor. A minimum of 100 hours of supervised clinical experience in field setting. Includes direct service with clients, including experience in individual counseling and group work. Also includes on-campus group seminars. Fall, Spring, Summer.

CNSL 504       Professional Studies in Counseling                                                           3
Prereq.:  Matriculation into the graduate program. Areas of study include: professional socialization and the role of the professional organizations, licensure or certification legislation, legal responsibilities and liabilities, ethics and family law, confidentiality, independent practice and inter-professional cooperation.

CNSL 506       Counseling Children & Adolescents                                                          3
Prereq.:  CNSL 501 or permission of chair. An examination of counseling theories and strategies for working with children and adolescents. Spring, Summer.

CNSL 507       Methods in Group Facilitation                                                                   3
Prereq.:  CNSL 500 and 503. The impact of the facilitator's behavior on a group.  Students will experience leading a group and observe different leadership styles as well as didactic presentations on group theory and leader interventions. Students will co-facilitate a group in the community.  Recommended to be taken with either practicum or internship. Fall.

CNSL 509       Independent Study in Counseling                                                    1 TO 3
Prereq.:  Permission of department chair Systematic study of problems of special interest in counseling. Students are guided in selection of topics for study. Can be taken more than once for a maximum of 6 credits.

CNSL 520       Guidance Principles, Organization and Administration                          3
Prereq.: Admission into department. Introduction to principles of guidance in modern school and study of guidance services, practices, and basic concepts relating to organization and operation of guidance programs. Fall.

CNSL 521       Career Counseling and Development                                                       3
Prereq.:  CNSL 501. Approaches to career counseling and development as it relates to agency and school settings. Includes relevant career theories, a survey of instruments utilized in assessing interests, values and career decision-making abilities, and relevant occupational information. Fall, Summer.

CNSL 522       Appraisal Procedures in Counseling                                                        3
Prereq.:  CNSL 501. Survey of standardized appraisal instruments utilized in assessing factors, such as aptitude, intelligence, achievement, and interest as it relates to human service agencies and school counseling. Spring, Summer.

CNSL 524       Consulting in the Schools                                                                           3
Prereq.:  CNSL 520, or permission of department chair. Emphasis on the learning and practice of specific skills essential to consulting in the schools. The dynamics of child-parent relationships and their impact on consulting with parents will be included. Fall.

CNSL 525       Multicultural Counseling                                                                            3
Prereq.:  CNSL 501. Study of the effects of culture on world view and various approaches to counseling. Emphasis placed on the development of culturally appropriate skills for use with diverse populations.

CNSL 526       Principles of Comprehensive School Counseling                                    3
Prereq.:  Admission to the graduate program and/or permission of department chair. Overview of developmental guidance and counseling, and the role and function of the school counselor on the elementary, middle/JHS, and secondary levels. Includes the history, philosophy, trends, purposes, objectives, and roles within the schools at each of the three levels. Spring.

CNSL 530       Student Development in Higher Education                                             3
Prereq.:  Admission to the graduate program and/or permission of department chair. Overview of college student development, including characteristics of contemporary students. Fall.

CNSL 531       Student Services in Higher Education                                                      3
Prereq.:  Admission to M.S. in Counselor Education or Marriage and Family Therapy. Overview of student services in higher education including characteristics of special student populations. Spring.

CNSL 532       Program Design in Student Services                                                        3
Prereq.:  CNSL 530. Design of experiential education for adults in higher education, including needs assessment, creation of developmental programs and learning communities, and program implementation and evaluation. Spring.

CNSL 533       Legal, Financial, and Policy Issues in Student Affairs                             3
Prereq.:  Admission to the Program in Student Development in Higher Education (Counseling). Examination of policy formation, law, and financial issues as they pertain to student affairs administration in higher education. Fall.

CNSL 560       Introduction to Rehabilitation Counseling                                               3
Prereq.:  Admission to department. Overview of the philosophy and practice of rehabilitation counseling. Emphasis on the rehabilitation client, types of disabilities, and the life adjustment that disability entails. Fall.

CNSL 561       Advanced Rehabilitation Counseling                                                        3
Prereq.:  CNSL 560 or permission of the department chair. Case management and service coordination services including independent living services, job development, and placement of individuals with disabilities. Spring.

CNSL 563       Medical Aspects of Rehabilitation Counseling                                         3
Prereq.:  Admission to the graduate program or permission of the department chair; CNSL 500 (may be taken concurrently). The rehabilitation counselor's role as a member of the health care team will be studied. General characteristics of various disability groups and identification of the medical specialists who serve these groups will be presented. Spring.

CNSL 564       Rehabilitation and Disability Case Management Practices                       3
Prereq.:  CNSL 560. Rehabilitation and disability case management process and community resources used in working with individuals with various disabilities. Principles and practices of private sector rehabilitation with individuals experiencing occupational and non-occupational injury and disability. Spring.

CNSL 568       Alcohol and Drug Counseling                                                                    3
Prereq.:  CNSL 501 or permission of department chairperson. Basic assessment, intervention, and treatment techniques in working with individuals and families affected by alcohol and other drug abuse. Spring.

CNSL 571       Mental Health Counseling                                                                          3
Prereq.:  CNSL 501. Principles and practices for assessing, diagnosing, treating, and preventing mental and emotional disorders. Includes general principles for promoting optimal mental health and human development. Spring.

CNSL 575       Co-Occurring Substance Abuse and Mental Health Counseling               3
Prereq.:  CNSL 568 and CNSL 571. Unique etiology, treatment, and recovery concerns of persons diagnosed with co-occurring substance abuse and mental health disorders. Forensic and legal issues working with persons mandated or coerced into treatment.

CNSL 580       Topics in Counseling                                                                           1 TO 3
Prereq.:  Degree candidacy or permission of instructor. Topics will vary each time the course is offered. Combination of lecture, discussion, inquiry sessions, and student presentation. May be taken more than once for credit under different topics.

CNSL 581       Orientation to Professional Counseling                                                        1
Prereq.: Admission to Official Certificate Program in Professional Counseling. Introduction to the practice of professional counseling.  Review of licensure laws, ethical practices and professional associations.  Students will enhance their understanding of the role and work of a professional counselor. Summer.

CNSL 591       Supervised School Guidance Internship                                         3 TO 6
Prereq.:  CNSL 503 and permission of instructor. Series of supervised experiences in the public school setting is provided. Required for school counseling certification. Must be taken in Fall-Spring cycle. Plan B requires a 3.00 overall GPA; students may not apply to take the comprehensive examination until 75% of course work for the major has been completed.

CNSL 592       Supervised Internship in Higher Education                                            3
Prereq.: CNSL 532 or permission of instructor. Professional experience to prepare persons to enter the student development field in higher education. Emphasis on actual practical experience, student/faculty/administrative interaction, and the special concerns which affect the conduct of student development services. Taken two semesters for a maximum of 6 credits. Plan B requires a 3.00 GPA; students may not apply to take the comprehensive examination until 75% of course work for the major has been completed.

CNSL 594       Supervised Clinical Practice-Professional Counseling                            3
Prereq.:  Permission of instructor. Supervised experience in community settings focusing on rehabilitation counseling, mental health counseling or substance abuse counseling. Must be taken in Fall-Spring cycle. Plan B requires a 3.00 overall GPA; students may not apply to take the comprehensive examination until 75% of course work for the major has been completed.

CNSL 598       Research Methods in Counseling                                                              3
Admission to M.S. in Counseling Education or permission of department chair. Quantitative and qualitative research design, data analysis, and interpretation for counseling and rehabilitation disciplines. Not open to students in specialization of School Counseling. Fall.

CNSL 599       Thesis                                                                                                           3
Prereq.:  Permission of advisor; ED 598 or equivalent as accepted by advisor; completion of 24 credits; and a 3.00 overall GPA. Preparation of the thesis under the supervision of the thesis advisor.



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