Graduate Catalog 2010-12


Note: Additional work will be required for graduate credit in 400-level courses.

ANTH 401 City Life & Culture 3
Exploration of the historical and contemporary development of urban spaces in the United States and Hartford area. Development of diverse cultural identities through neighborhood, social and, religious institutions will be examined. Spring. (O)

ANTH 416 Archaeology of Africa 3
Prereq.: ANTH 150 or permission of instructor. Examines pre-historic and historic period of Africa via archaeological, documentary, and oral historical data. Spring. (O)

ANTH 418 New England Prehistory 3
Prereq.: ANTH 140 or 150 or permission of instructor. An examination of the prehistoric people of New England through analysis of fragmentary remains of their villages, burial grounds, and trash deposits. Focus will be on sites excavated by the Anthropology Department at Central Connecticut State University. Spring. (E)

ANTH 420 African Diaspora Archaeology 3
Prereq.: ANTH 150 or permission of instructor. Examination of early African diaspora life via analysis of archaeological remains. Consideration of issues such as diversity of populations, health and diet, and labor conditions. Spring.

ANTH 424 Peoples and Cultures of Africa 3
Samples the diversity of African peoples, their cultures and related social relations. Primary focus on colonial and contemporary life, African liberation movements, and the influence of global political economy on life in modern Africa. Fall. (E) [I]

ANTH 425 Human Ecology 3
Prereq.: 100-level anthropology course or permission of instructor. Explores the relationship between humans and their environments. How humans have changed the face of the earth and to what extent different environments have influenced human biological and cultural evolution. Cross listed with AFAM 425. No credit given to students with credit for AFAM 425 or ANTH 325. Fall. (O)

ANTH 426 People and Cultures of Eastern Europe 3
A survey of culture in the nations of Eastern Europe concentrating on their contemporary aspects. Spring. (E) [I]

ANTH 428 Cultures of Latin America 3
Prereq.: ANTH 140 or ANTH 170 or SOC 110. Introduction to modern and pre-Colombian societies in Latin America. Objectives include tracing the historical roots of social and economic relations in Latin America today, and the diverse responses Latin Americans have made and are making to rapid social change. Cross listed with LAS 428. No credit given to students with credit for LAS 428. Fall. [I]

ANTH 429   Global India                              3
Examination of Indian society and culture considering India's relationship with other world areas. Topics include colonialism, postcolonialism, globalization. Separate requirements for graduate and undergraduate students. Spring (O). [I]

ANTH 450 Archaeological Field School 3 TO 6
Provides instruction in survey techniques, mapping, scientific excavation, photographic and laboratory skills and analysis. Field schools are operated in both historical and prehistorical archaeology. Enrollment is limited. Send letter of application to department. May be repeated. Summer.

ANTH 451 Field School in Cultural Anthropology 3 TO 6
Prereq.: Permission of instructor. Development of qualitative research skills central to cultural anthropology through language study, home stays, seminars, speakers, and excursions. Normally involves travel outside the United States. Irregular.

ANTH 475 Topics in Anthropology 3
Examination of selected topics in Anthropology. May be repeated under different topics up to 6 credits. Irregular.


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