Graduate Catalog 2010-12

Engineering Technology—Mechanical/Manufacturing


Note: Additional work will be required for graduate credit in 400-level courses. 

ETM 454        Applied Heat Transfer                                                                               3
Prereq.:  ET 354 and ETM 358 or permission of instructor. The principles of conduction, convection, and thermal radiation energy transfer. Conduction through walls, pipes. Forced and free convection, heat exchanges, thermal radiation of energy between surfaces, and the overall transfer of heat. Irregular. 

ETM 461        Composites and Plastics Manufacturing Processes                                3
Prereq.:  ETM 256 or ETM 356, CHEM 111 or CHEM 161 and CHEM 162 or CHEM 121. Analytical study of thermoplastic, thermoset, and polymer matrix composite materials, and the manufacturing processes utilized in the plastics and composites molding and fabrication industry. Lecture/laboratory. Spring. 

ETM 462        Manufacturing Process Planning and Estimating                                    3
Prereq.:  MFG 121 and MFG 216 and ETM 340 or permission of instructor. Design and planning of production processes and operation sequence for discrete parts. Group Technology and Cellular Manufacturing. Tolerance analysis of parts and processes. Development of process plans, routings, operation sheets, and cost estimates for manufacturing operations. 

ETM 464        CAD Solid Modeling and Design                                                                3
Prereq.:  ETM 260 and ETM 340; or permission of instructor. Computer-aided design and analysis of solid, surface, and sheet metal models emphasizing product design. Uses computer software for design, detailing, mass property analysis, dimensional standards, and family tables. Two hours of lecture and one two-hour laboratory per week. Spring. 

ETM 466        Design for Manufacture                                                                             3
Prereq.:  ETM 260 and ETM 340 or permission of instructor. Design principles and contemporary industrial practices for product realization. DFX and evaluation of designs. Integration of product functions with design and manufacturing process. Mistake proofing, design for manual, automated, and robotic assembly. Product liability issues. 

ETM 467        CAE Applied Finite Element Analysis                                                        3
Prereq.: ENGR 257 or ET 357 or permission of instructor. Application of the finite element method to structural engineering problems. Study of plane stress, plane strain, shell and continuum finite elements, mesh generation, proper element density and element interfacing, and composite modeling problems. Fall. 

ETM 510        Engineering Optimization                                                                          3
Prereq.:  Admission to MSET program or permission of instructor. Application of optimization techniques to engineering design or process problems. Principles of design/process variables, constraints, and objective functions. Techniques for solving constrained and unconstrained optimization problems, computer implementation of optimization schemes. Irregular.

ETM 517        Automated Assembly and Manufacturing Cell Design                            3
Prereq.:  Admission to MSET or MSTM, or permission of Engineering department chair. Manufacturing center level programming and programming execution of different automated work cells. CNC mill programming, inventory control and automated assembly at the center level. Design of several work cells to work concurrently on product manufacturing. Fall. (E) 

ETM 523        Contemporary Engineering Materials                                                      3
Prereq.:  Admission to the MSET or MSTM, or permission of Engineering department chair. Analysis of contemporary materials for the applications, advantages or disadvantages, properties and specifications for product design and manufacturing techniques. Two lectures and one two-hour laboratory per week. Spring. (E)

ETM 534        Concepts of Group Technology                                                                3
Prereq.:  Permission of instructor. Principles and applications of group technology for the engineering and manufacturing environment. Analysis of part and coding system design for applications in CAD/CAM/CIM and process planning systems. Spring. 

ETM 540        Advanced Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing                                3
Prereq.:  STAT 104, ET 340; department chair. Advanced concepts and applications of ANSI and ISO GD&T standards. Analysis and calculations of tolerance distribution, fits, part interchangeability, combined tolerances, gage tolerances, measurement uncertainty budget, geometrical deviations measurements, statistical tolerancing, and the six-sigma design concept. Irregular.

ETM 542        Production Cost Estimates                                                                         3
Prereq.:  ET 360 and 497, or permission of instructor. Principles and methods for evaluating costs and times crucial to engineering designs, tooling and production, with application of these principles to case studies and basic engineering design problems. Spring. 

ETM 560        Computer Aided Manufacturing                                                               3
Prereq.:  Admission to the MSET or MSTM graduate program. Applied parametric solid modeling for manufacturing. Topics include cutter location source data generation, tool path simulation, machine data file generation, post processing and CNC program verification. Spring. (O)

ETM 563        Plastics Mold Engineering and Design                                                     3
Prereq.:  Admission to the MSET or MSTM graduate program. Plastics mold engineering principles for the manufacture of products from polymeric materials. Mold design concepts and analysis are based on fluidic, heat transfer, rheology, strength of materials, and physical properties of selected materials. Irregular. 

ETM 569        Composite Design and Analysis                                                                3
Prereq.:  Admission to the MSET graduate program or permission of instructor. Study of the design and analysis of composite structures using classical composite theory coupled with computational analysis software. New methods of structural redesign using composite materials. Irregular. 

ETM 572        Optimizing Engineering Productivity                                                        3
Objective analytical techniques, modified with concepts of participative decision-making by the work force, to illustrate the development of modern manufacturing processes in an engineering/technological workplace. Spring.

ETM 575        Facilities Engineering                                                                                 3
Engineering planning of production facilities that will result in efficient integration of the workforce, material flow, and compatible site location with access to adequate transportation alternatives. Fall.



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