Graduate Catalog 2010-12

International Studies


Note: Additional work will be required for graduate credit in 400-level courses.

IS 450             Internship in International Studies                                                           3
Students will work under faculty supervision in an international environment related to their academic track or planned program. Written reports are required. On demand. 

IS 501             Advanced Studies in International Studies                                              3
Linked course with Interdisciplinary Studies.

IS 570             Modern World Issues                                                                                3
Examination of contemporary world problems such as population, underdevelopment, ecological degradation, war and diplomacy, and cultural extinction.

IS 571             International Diversity and Integration                                                   3
Study of the institutions and attitudes involved in international integration. Factors which influence this process such as ethnic and cultural diversity will be considered. Fall.

IS 590             Graduate Field Study Abroad                                                          3 OR 6
Course taught abroad. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 credits.

IS 595             Special Project in International Studies                                                   3
Prereq.:  IS 598, permission of instructor, and a 3.00 overall GPA. Advanced project in international studies under the supervision of a faculty member. Requirements include preparation of a paper and an oral presentation on the project. On demand.

IS 596             Independent Studies                                                                                  3
Prereq.:  Permission of advisor. Independent work in International Studies to meet individual interest in regions or topics not covered in the regular curriculum. Work will be under the supervision of an assigned faculty member. On demand.

IS 597             Graduate Seminar in International Studies                                             3
Interdisciplinary seminar on one of the world's regions or countries. Aspects of its anthropology, economics, geography, history, government, politics, and sociology will be considered in a synthetic approach.

IS 598             Research in International Studies                                                             3
Prereq.:  Permission of advisor. Designed to familiarize students with the techniques and resources associated with research in their specialization. Opportunity for practical applications will be provided. On demand.

IS 599             Thesis in International Studies                                                                 3
Preparation of the thesis under supervision of the thesis advisor. Plans A, C, D, and E require completion of 18 credits for programs with 30-35 credits, or 24 credits for programs with greater than 35 credits, and a 3.00 overall GPA.




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