Graduate Catalog 2010-12


Note: Additional work will be required for graduate credit in 400-level courses.

GEOG 433       Issues in Environmental Protection                                                         3
Issues in the environmental protection planning process. Topics include air quality, noise, solid waste, hazardous materials, wilderness areas, endangered species, wetlands, and land use issues. A single field trip may be required. 

GEOG 434       Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean                                           3
Study of our nearest neighbors south of the border, concentrating on people, the land on which they live, and related problems, primarily from a regional point of view. Cross listed with LAS 434. Fall. [I] 

GEOG 435       Japan and Korea                                                                                         3
Study of the physical framework, resources, economic activities, and characteristic landscapes of Japan and Korea. Activities of the people of Japan and Korea in relation to their environment and resources, and the differing problems of development facing both nations. Fall. (O) [I] 

GEOG 436       South America                                                                                             3
A survey of the countries of South America with emphasis on people, places, and problems. Cross listed with IS 436. Spring. [I] 

GEOG 437       China                                                                                                            3
Physical, economic, political, and historical geography of China. Special consideration of her population, resources, agricultural growth, and industrial expansion. Discussion of the geographic bases and the expansion of the Chinese State and the contemporary foundation of Chinese national power. Fall. (E) [I] 

GEOG 439       Urban Geography                                                                                       3
Form, function, and evolution of urban settlements with reference to attributes of place. Emphasis is also placed on internal structure and regional relationships of cities. Provides a methodological basis for thought involving the planning process, including preservation planning and systems analysis. Personal on-site study of a current urban problem within the state is expected. Spring. 

GEOG 440       Rural Land Planning                                                                                   3
Land use patterns and the planning process in agriculture, transportation, recreation, industry, population, and settlement in rural areas. Case studies and field work emphasizing the impact of urbanization on rural Connecticut. Fall. (O) 

GEOG 446       Sub-Saharan Africa                                                                                     3
Relationships between physical environment and human development in Africa south of the Sahara. Spring. (E) [I] 

GEOG 448       Russia and Neighboring Regions                                                              3
Environmental, cultural, and economic patterns that give character to the various regions of Russia and the N.I.S. Its contemporary political economy viewed in a spatial and historical context. Examination of Russia's relationship with Central Asia, East Asia, Eastern Europe and the EC. Fall. (E) [I] 

GEOG 451       Tourism Development in Southern New England                                  3
Prereq.:  GEOG 290 or 291 or permission of instructor or department chair. Study of the tourism industry, including perspectives on supply, demand, and socio-economic impacts. Focus on issues, problems, and opportunities in tourism, including functions of state and regional tourism agencies in southern New England. Spring. (E) 

GEOG 452       European Union                                                                                          3
Environmental, cultural, and economic patterns that give character to the different countries, regions, and cities of the European union. Analysis of spatial changes associated with European integration. Spring. [I] 

GEOG 453       Recreation and Resort Planning                                                               3
Prereq.:  GEOG 450 or permission of instructor or department chair. Study of the supply, location, distribution, use, planning, management, and impact of recreation facilities in both urban and rural situations. Spring. 

GEOG 454       Geography of Tourism Marketing                                                            3
Prereq.:  GEOG 290 and MKT 295 or permission of instructor. Examination of geographic elements and issues within the tourism industry, with a focus on how these may influence the spatial aspects of tourist behavior and industry development strategies. Fall. 

GEOG 455       New Directions in Tourism                                                                       3
Prereq.:  GEOG 450 or permission of instructor or department chair. Study of contemporary forms of tourism including ecotourism, heritage tourism, and educational travel, which have their own impacts, management, and planning needs, and which differ notably from the traditions of mass tourism. Spring. 

GEOG 473       Geography of Natural Resources                                                             3
Prereq.:  GEOG 110 or permission of instructor. Examines the definition, location, and evaluation of management. Focus on management strategies and cost benefit analyses of environmental degradation associated with resource use. Examples illustrated with GIS and remote sensing techniques. Spring. (O) 

GEOG 500       Graduate Studies in Geography                                                                3
Prereq.:  Permission of advisor. History and philosophy of geographic thought with emphasis on current research trends in physical and human geography. Fall.

GEOG 514       Studies in Systematic Geography                                                              3
Prereq.:  Permission of advisor and instructor. Advanced study in one of systematic specialties of the department. May be repeated under different topics for a maximum of 9 credits. This is a link course with GEOG 450, GEOG 470, GEOG 471, GEOG 472, GEOG 475, and GEOG 483. On demand.

GEOG 516       Studies in Regional Geography                                                                 3
Prereq.:  Permission of advisor and instructor. Advanced study in one of regional specialities of the department. May be taken more than once for credit. On demand.

GEOG 518       Studies in Geographical Techniques                                                        3
Prereq.:  Permission of advisor and instructor. Advanced study in one of the geographical techniques. May be repeated under different topics for a maximum of 9 credits. This is a link course with GEOG 441, GEOG 445, GEOG 466, GEOG 476, GEOG 478, and GEOG 479. On demand.

GEOG 530       Graduate Internship in Geography                                                           3
Prereq.:  Two graduate courses in geography and permission of advisor. Site-based internship. Work in an environment directly related to the planned program of study under the supervision of a geography faculty member. Written reports and plan of activity required. On demand.

GEOG 542       Graduate Field Methods in Geography                                                    3
Prereq.:  3 credits of graduate study or permission of instructor. Advanced field research in physical and human geography. Team and individual research projects. This is a bridge course with GEOG 442. Fall. (O)

GEOG 544       The Geography of World Economic Development                                 3
Prereq.:  GEOG 500 or IS 570 or permission of instructor. Spatial patterns of world economic development with consideration of contemporary changes in selected developing countries. Spring.

GEOG 559       Advanced Field Studies in Regional Geography                            3 OR 6
Prereq.:  Permission of graduate advisor. On-site group studies in regional geography. Normally involves travel outside the United States. Summer.

GEOG 569       Graduate Readings in Geography                                                    1 TO 3
Prereq.:  Permission of instructor. Directed graduate level independent studies in geography. May be taken more than once for a maximum of 6 credits. On demand.

GEOG 578       Internet GIS and Mapping                                                                          3
Prereq.:  Planned program of study in M.S. Geography or permission of instructor. Principles and practices of interactive mapping and GIS data distribution across the World Wide Web. Fall. (O) 

GEOG 595       Special Project in Geography (Plan C)                                                        3
Prereq.:  GEOG 598, permission of graduate advisor, and a 3.00 overall GPA. Completion of an advanced project in geography under the supervision of a faculty member. Requirements include preparation of a paper and an oral presentation on the project. On demand.

GEOG 597       Geography Capstone Seminar (Plan B)                                                    3
Prereq.:  GEOG 598, completion of 21 credits in the M.S. program in geography, and permission of graduate advisor. Directed readings seminar for Geography graduate students taking the comprehensive exam (Plan B). Comprehensive exam will be taken following completion of the course. Spring.

GEOG 598       Research in Geography                                                                              3
Prereq.:  GEOG 500, and 15 additional graduate credits in geography. Designed to familiarize student with techniques and resources associated with research in field of geography. Practical application. Fall.

GEOG 599       Thesis (Plan A)                                                                                              3
Prereq.:  GEOG 598, permission of graduate advisor, and a 3.00 overall GPA. Preparation of the thesis under the supervision of the thesis advisor. Spring.


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