Graduate Catalog 2010-12


Note: Additional work will be required for graduate credit in 400-level courses.

LING 400        Linguistic Analysis                                                                                      3
Intensive analysis (syntactic, morphological, phonological) of selected data from English and other languages. Particular emphasis on developing analytical skills. Irregular. 

LING 430        Studies in Linguistics & the English Language                                        3
Selected topics in linguistics. Students may take this course under different topics for a maximum of 6 credits. Irregular. 

LING 431        The History of the English Language                                                       3
History, growth, and structure of the English language. Spring. 

LING 496        TESOL Methods                                                                                          3
Principles, methods, and materials for teaching English to non-English speaking students at all levels. Acquisition and practice of basic language teaching skills. Intercultural communication in the TESOL classroom. 

LING 497        Second Language Acquisition                                                                   3
Major theories of language acquisition and their potential application to language learning. The theoretical bases of second language instruction. Spring. 

LING 512        Modern Syntax                                                                                            3
Concepts and formalisms in grammar. Problem solving in English syntax. Contemporary developments in syntactic theory. Spring.

LING 513        Modern Phonology                                                                                     3
Characteristics and organization of sound systems of languages. Special attention to the sound system of English and how it fits into universal patterns. Generative and post-generative phonologies. Spring.

LING 515        An Introduction to Sociolinguistics                                                           3
Examination of the interlocking nature of language and society, with particular emphasis on sociolinguistic theory and field work.

LING 533        Second Language Composition                                                                 3
Psycholinguistics of writing in a second language. Principles, methods, and materials for teaching writing to students of English as a second or foreign language. The second language writing curriculum. Fall.

LING 530        Topics in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics                                               3
Detailed study of a specific subfield in theoretical or applied linguistics. Students may take this course under different topics for a maximum of 6 credits. Irregular.

LING 535        Second Language Testing                                                                          3
Linguistic and academic assessment of non-native speakers of English. Determination of language dominance and proficiency of bilinguals. Preparation of language tests. Fall.

LING 596        TESOL Practicum                                                                                        3
Prereq.:  LING 496. Students will teach ESOL under supervision. Spring.

LING 598        Research in TESOL & Applied Linguistics                                                3
Covers research topics and methods in TESOL and applied linguistics. Fall.

LING 599        Thesis                                                                                                           3
Prereq.:  Admission to the M.S. program in TESOL, a minimum of 15 credits of graduate coursework in TESOL and applied linguistics, permission of department chair, and a 3.00 overall GPA. Preparation of the thesis under supervision of the thesis advisor. On demand.


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