Graduate Catalog 2010-12

Exercise Science

EXS 410          Exercise Physiology                                                                                       3
Formerly PE 410. Prereq: EXS 214 (formerly PE 214) with a grade of C- or higher and acceptance into the Professional Program or acceptance to M.S. Physical Education. Physiological factors which affect human performance in physical education and athletics. Acute and chronic effects of exercise on the respiratory, circulatory, and muscular systems. Required laboratory class taken in conjunction with lecture to give students the opportunity to gain knowledge of basic scientific and field tests in exercise physiology. Open to physical education majors only. Fall, spring, summer.

EXS 415          Fitness Assessment and Exercise Prescription                                      3
Prereq.:  EXS 307, 331, 408; admission to the Professional Program in either Athletic Training or Exercise Science, or to the M.S. in Physical Education. Use of laboratory and field tests for assessing physical fitness components, and of test results for developing individualized exercise prescriptions to improve cardiorespiratory fitness, muscular fitness, body composition, and flexibility.

EXS 425          Implementation and Evaluation of Health Promotion Programs          3
Prereq.:  EXS 307, 408; admission to the Professional Program in Exercise Science or to the M.S. in Physical Education. Comprehensive planning framework for health promotion programs in the U.S., which includes identifying health needs of the population, determining how to change health behaviors, marketing programs, and evaluating health benefits to the individual and organizations. Fall.

EXS 450          Practicum in Exercise Science                                                                    3
Prereq.: EXS 415, 416; admission to the Professional Program in Exercise Science or to the M.S. in Physical Education. Provides an opportunity for students to gain 150 clock hours of field experience in an exercise setting, conducting prescribed exercise programs. Current CPR and first aid certification required. Fall, Spring, Summer.

EXS 470     Internship in Exercise and Health Promotion                                             6
Prereq.: EXS 450; admission to the Professional Program in Exercise Science or to the M.S. in Physical Education. Off-campus practical experience. Includes wellness/health promotion, corporate fitness, YMCA, strength and conditioning, sports medicine, and cardiac rehabilitation. Offers opportunities to apply fundamental concepts. Current CPR and first aid certification required. Fall, Spring, Summer.

EXS 507          Human Perspective in Sport                                                                      3
Prereq.:  Admission to M.S. in Physical Education. Inquiry into the nature and expression of humans in sport. Topics include:  The issues of competition and winning, amateurism vs. professionalism, values of sport, causes and results of spectator behaviors. Spring. (O)

EXS 515          Sport, Physical Activity, and Exercise Psychology                                   3
Identifies principles and guidelines that professionals use to help adults and children participate in and benefit from sport and exercise activities. Spring. (E)

EXS 519          Sport Biomechanics                                                                                    3
Prereq.:  EXS 216 or permission of instructor. Study of the mechanical analysis of sport skills, in order to improve teaching. The student is provided with a scientific basis for teaching correct form. Fall. (E)

EXS 522          Physical Activity and Health                                                                      3
Prereq.:  EXS 522 or permission of instructor. Study of the hypokinetic diseases of the human organism. Particular emphasis will be given to the beneficial effects of physical activity on the cardiovascular system, weight control, low back pain, longevity, and participation of women in sports. Spring. (O)

EXS 523          Essentials of Sports Performance Training                                        3
Systematic approach to program design of sports performance program variables to help train athletes safely and effectively. Includes protocols for building stabilization, strength, power, speed, agility and quickness. Summer. (E)

EXS 530          Nutrition for Health, Fitness, and Sport Performance                           3
Prereq.:  Permission of instructor. Provides knowledge base of the major nutrients relative to the role that nutrition, complemented by physical activity, may play in the enhancement of health and sport performance. Topics include weight management and eating disorders. Summer. (O)

EXS 590          Independent Study / Topics in Exercise Science or Sports Medicine          3
Prereq.:  Admission to the M.S. in Physical Education with approved planned program, or permission of instructor. Work in theory or research to meet individual requirements in areas not covered by the regular curriculum. Either PE 590 and/or EXS 590 may be taken for a maximum of 6 credits. Irregular.

EXS 592          Advanced Physiology of Sport & Exercise                                               3
Prereq.:  Permission of instructor. Using exercise physiology as a basis, examination of acute and chronic adaptations of the body to high physiological demands of physical activity and sport. Topics covered include the physiology of the skeletal, muscle, cardiorespiratory, endocrine and renal systems. Fall. (O)



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