Graduate Catalog 2010-12

Education—Early Childhood


EDEC 551       Programs and Curricula in Early Childhood Education                         3
Prereq.:  Matriculation in the M.S. program. Analysis of contemporary early childhood program models and practices including their historical and philosophical foundations. Includes an examination of criteria for establishing and evaluating contemporary early childhood programs. On-site observations and interaction with young children required. Fall. (O)

EDEC 552       Programs and Curricula in Early Childhood Education II                      3
Prereq.:  EDEC 551 and matriculation in the M.S. program. Study of the implementation of developmentally appropriate curricula for children, ages three to eight. Emphasis on integrated curricula, learning centers, effective management, and active parent involvement. On-site observations and interaction with young children required. Spring. (O)

EDEC 553       Family, School and Community Partnerships in Early Childhood Education     3
Prereq.:  Matriculation in the M.S. program. In-depth exploration of impact of family and community on the education of young children. Study of school-child-family relationships which foster healthy development. Examination of comprehensive community and governmental support systems for children and families. Fall. (E)

EDEC 554       Observation and Assessment in Early Childhood Education                 3
Prereq.:  EDEC 552 and matriculation in M.S. program. Study of appropriate assessment of young children's development and progress and their relationship to child-centered curricula and home-school communication. Strategies for assessing children's cognitive/language, social/emotional, and psycho-motor development. Play assessment and student portfolios are also included. Spring. (E)

EDEC 561       Administration in Early Childhood Education                                         3
Prereq.:  EDEC 552. Policies, procedures, and leadership responsibilities for the management of early childhood education programs. Topics include implementation of goals, budgeting and financial management, and meeting standards for a State of CT Child Day Care license. Summer.


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