Study Area II

AFAM 110 Introduction to African-American Studies
AMS 241 Introduction to Planning
CHIN 315 Topics Chinese Culture [I]
CRM 110 Introduction to the Criminal Justice System
ECON 200 Principles of Economics I
ECON 201 Principles of Economics II
ECON 250 Contemporary Economic Issues
ET 399 Engineering Economy
FR 315 Aspects of French History & Culture [I]
FR 316 Contemporary France [I]
FYS 102 First Year Seminar-Social Studies
GEOG 100 Search in Geography
GEOG 110 Introduction to Geography
GEOG 120 World Regional Geography [I]
GEOG 130 Intro. to Geography Information Science
GEOG 220 Human Geography [I]
GEOG 223 Geography of the Popular Music Industry
GEOG 241 Introduction to Planning
GEOG 244 Economic Geography [I]
GEOG 270 Geography of Hazards
GEOG 290 Geography of Tourism [I]
GEOG 291 National Parks and World Heritage Sites [I]
GEOG 333 Political Geography
GER 315 German Civilization to 1800 [I]
GER 316 German Civilization from 1800 to Present [I]
HIST 100 Search in History
HIST 121 World Civilization I [I]
HIST 122 World Civilization II [I]
HIST 161 American History to 1877
HIST 162 American History from 1877 to Present
HIST 231 Ancient Mediterranean World [I]
HIST 232 Medieval Europe [I]
HIST 233 Renaissance and Enlightenment Europe [I]
HIST 234 Modern Europe [I]
HIST 251 East Asia to 1800 [I]
HIST 252 East Asia since 1800 [I]
HIST 253 History of the South Pacific
HIST 271 Intro. to African History and Culture
HIST 277 History of Christianity I [I]
HIST 278 History of Christianity II [I]
HIST 281 History of Latin America to 1823 [I]
HIST 282 History of Latin America since 1823 [I]
HIST 291 Modern Middle East [I]
HIST 292 History of Judaism [I]
HIST 375 History of Africa to 1800 [I]
HIST 376 History of Africa Since 1800 [I]
HON 130 World Cultures I [I]
HON 230 World Cultures II: Topics in World Cultures [I]
HON 442 Writing & Research IV: Thesis Workshop
IS 225 The World as a Total System [I]
IS 240 Caribbean Cultural Patterns [I]
IS 245 Puerto Rico [I]
ITAL 315 Italian Civilization to 1861 [I]
ITAL 316 Italian Civilization from 1861 to the Present [I]
LAS 235 International Relations [I]
LAS 282 Latin American History Since 1823 [I]
LAS 316 Latin American Civilization [I]
LTN 110 Introduction to Latino Studies
PES 110 Introduction to the Study of Peace & War
PES 111 War & Peace through Films
PS 104 The World’s Political Systems [I]
PS 110 American Government & Politics
PS 230 American State and Local Government
PS 235 International Relations [I]
PS 260 Public Administration
PS 270 Law and Politics
PS 280 Religion & Politics
PS 315 Internet & Media Politics
PS 334 Modern Political Thought
SPAN 315 Spanish Civilization [I]
SPAN 316 Latin American Civilization [I]
TE 110 Technological Systems

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