Course Descriptions

Note: Symbols referring to course cycling information are: (O) = odd year, (E) = even year, no symbol = course offered both semesters of the academic year. 

The content of this catalog is provided for the information of the student. It is accurate at the time of printing but subject to change from time to time as deemed appropriate by Central Connecticut State University in order to fulfill its role and mission or to accommodate circumstances beyond its control. Any such changes may be implemented without prior notice and without obligation and, unless specified otherwise, are effective when made.          

Common Course Equivalents. A set of common course equivalents across Central, Eastern, Southern, and Western state universities include 84 courses in 21 disciplines. All the courses are listed on a common course chart, which will be updated annually. A Common Course Equivalent is one that:
     ·         transfers among at least three CSUS universities in a fully reciprocal fashion;
     ·         is made easily identifiable to students and the general public; and
     ·         is maintained and updated at each university responding to any curricular changes that may take place.
The set of common courses include 100- and 200-level courses meeting General Education/Liberal Arts requirements at each university.
Course Credit in Transfer toward Intended Major. Annotations of General Education/Liberal Arts credit refer to general university requirements. They do not necessarily reflect lower division course requirements for specific major programs. In addition to the common course chart, students are urged to consult curriculum sheets for their intended majors at the universities they are attending or considering attending.
Transferring Credits from Connecticut Community Colleges. CSUS and the Connecticut Community College system have developed a Transfer Compact in recent years which offers Dual Admission to students who are planning to enroll at a CSUS university after completing associate degrees. In addition, various specific academic programs have transfer compacts in place that provide effective pathways to advance from the community colleges to the CSUS universities.

The list below provides links to the relevant individual courses. Please note that a major in any particular subject (Accounting, for example) requires courses in other disciplines. 


Accounting (AC) Engineering (ENGR) Manufacturing Technology (MFG)
Actuarial Science (ACTL) Engineering Technology (ET) Marketing (MKT)
African-American Studies (AFAM) Engineering Technology-Civil (ETC) Mathematics (MATH)
American Sign Language (ASL) Engineering Technology-Mechanical/Manufacturing (ETM) Mechanical Engineering (ME)
American Studies (AMS) English (ENG) Modern Languages (ML)
Anthropology (ANTH) English as a Second Language (ESL) Music (MUS)
Art (ART) Entrepreneurship (ENT) Nursing (NRSE)
Biology (BIO) Exercise Science (EXS) Peace Studies (PES)
Biomolecular Sciences (BMS) Finance (FIN) Philosophy (PHIL)
Business (BUS) Fine Arts (FA) Physical Education (PE)
Business Education (BE) First Year Experience (FYE) Physics (PHYS)
Chemistry (CHEM) First Year Seminar (FYS) Polish (POL)
Chinese (CHIN) French (FR)  Political Science (PS)
Cinema Studies (CINE) Geography (GEOG) Psychology (PSY)
Civil Engineering (CE) German (GER) Quantitative Reasoning (QR)
Communication (COMM) Graphics Technology (GRT) Reading (RDG)
Community Engagement (CEN) History (HIST) Recreation (REC)
Computer Electronics & Graphics Technology (CEGT) Honors (HON) Religious Studies (REL)
Computer Electronics Technology (CET)  Humanities (HUM) Robotics (ROBO)
Computer Science (CS) Intensive English Language Program (IELP) School of Engineering and Technology (SET)
Construction Management (CM)  Interdisciplinary (ID) Science Education (SCI)
Counseling (CNSL) Interdisciplinary Sciences (ISCI) Social Sciences (SSCI)
Criminology and Criminal Justice (CRM)  International Studies (IS) Social Work (SW)
Dance (DAN) Italian (ITAL)  Sociology (SOC)
Design (Graphic/Information) (DES)  Japanese (JAPN) Spanish (SPAN)
Earth Sciences (ESCI)  Journalism (JRN)  Special Education (SPED)
Economics (ECON) Latin (LAT) Statistics (STAT)
Education (ED)  Latin American Studies (LAS)  Technology & Engineering Education (TE)
Education-Elementary (EDEL)  Latino Studies (LTN) Technology Management (TM)
Education-Secondary (EDSC)  Law (LAW)  Theatre (TH)
Education-Teacher (EDTE)  Library Science (LSC) Tourism & Hospitality Studies (THS)
Educational Foundations (EDF)  Linguistics (LING) Vocational-Technical Education (VTE)
Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)  Management (MGT) Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies (WGSS)
Educational Technology (EDT) Management Information Systems (MIS) Word Processing (WP)
Electro-Mechanical Technology (EMEC) Managerial Communication (MC)  

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