Admission to a Teacher Preparation Professional Program

Many of the criteria and procedures for admitting students to a professional program leading to teacher certification are governed by state of Connecticut regulations. Admission in a timely fashion requires advanced planning on the part of students. Once students are admitted to the professional program they are considered teacher candidates. The procedures outlined in the links below do not apply to programs in athletic training, health fitness, nursing, or social work. These programs have their own admission procedures, which are described elsewhere in this catalog. For clarification, please contact the office of the dean of the School of Education and Professional Studies. 

The professional program is subject to change based on Connecticut regulations. Students must complete the professional program in place at the time they apply to the professional program, regardless of when they were admitted to the University.

The Admission Process, Phase 1: Pre-Application

The Admission Process, Phase 2: Application

The Admission Process, Phase 3: Admittance

Revocation of Admission to the Professional Program

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