Undergraduate Degree Programs Leading to Teacher Certification 


The following programs lead to a BS degree and prepare a student for teacher certification in the state of Connecticut:

  • Elementary education grades K-6 (013)
  • Secondary education grades 7-12 in the following subjects: biology (30), chemistry (031), earth science (033), English (015), French (018), general science (034), German (019), history and social studies (026), Italian (020), mathematics (029), physics (032), and Spanish (023)
  • All level subjects: art (042), music (049), physical education (044), and technology education (047)

Students who are interested in becoming special education teachers must complete teacher certification at the graduate level. Contact the Department of Special Education (860-832-2400) or refer to the graduate catalog for further information.

Although requirements vary from program to program, in general each undergraduate teacher preparation program adheres to the policies outlined below. 

General Education
All teacher candidates are expected to satisfy the University's general education program. Most of this work is completed during the student's first three years at CCSU, or through transfer credit.

Subject-Matter Majors
All teacher candidates are required to complete a subject-matter major. These requirements vary from subject to subject and are described in the School of Arts and Science and the School of Engineering and Technology sections of this catalog.

Selective Admission to Professional Program for Teacher Certification
The state of Connecticut requires that students be admitted to teacher preparation programs only after they have met admission criteria. These criteria and the admission process are outlined in the link below. Admission as a student to CCSU does not automatically guarantee admission to a professional program. The selective admission process requires considerable advanced planning.

Restricted Professional Course Work
Most education courses offered in particular teacher preparation programs are open only to students who have been formally admitted to a professional program. Students who have not been admitted to a professional program may not enroll in restricted courses. 

Retention Criteria and Good Academic Standing
Once admitted to a teacher education professional program, a teacher candidate is expected to maintain a cumulative 2.70 grade-point average for all coursework completed at CCSU and elsewhere. If a teacher candidate's GPA drops below this level, he or she may be denied enrollment in restricted courses and student teaching until the GPA reaches the approved level. Teacher candidates must receive grades of C or better in all professional education courses required by the School of Education and Professional Studies. If they do not achieve the required grades, teacher candidates may not proceed to the next sequence of courses. Professional education courses may be repeated, but only with the consent of the chair of the Department of Teacher Education and other appropriate subject-matter department chair, as applicable.

Admission to a Teacher Preparation Professional Program

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