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Department Overview

The Department of Marketing offers courses leading to a BS in business administration. Students choosing to major in marketing have the opportunity to custom-design their programs. Non-marketing students, interested in marketing, may select marketing courses that complement their major.

The Department of Marketing's program provides a basic foundation in marketing skills, theory, and best practices, domestic and international. It prepares students for entry-level positions (e.g., sales, customer services, public relations, product management, and market analyst), the opportunity to become a marketing professional, and continuing on to graduate study.

Marketing is a field that offers ambitious students rewarding career opportunities. In fact, about a third of all employees work in marketing-related activities.

The 33-credit program starts with a 12-credit marketing core followed by 12 credits of marketing electives and 9 credits of business electives. The later 9 credits can be marketing electives. Thus, by selecting an appropriate set of marketing courses, students can custom-design their marketing programs to best fit their personal projects, interests, and needs. A student's program can be tailored for preparation to enter the job market in areas such as advertising, communication, public relations, services marketing, customer relations management, business-to-business/sales, market research, retailing, new product/service development, direct marketing, and others.

The marketing faculty works closely with students who learn from experience performing work for real firms via internships, independent studies, and the marketing practicum. The faculty prepares students to succeed in their careers.

Finally, the marketing faculty care about teaching and students' learning. Both students and faculty engage in research and scholarship.



Major in Marketing, BS


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