Mathematical Sciences



J. McGowan, Chair; F. Bensics, R. Bilisoly, N. Castaneda, Y. Chen, R. Crouse, D. Dzuida, I. Gotchev, S. L. Gould, P. Halloran, C. Jin, S. Jones, R. S. Kalder, D. T. Larose, F. Latour, S. Lesik, E. Makover,  A. Miller, D. S. Miller, M. Mitchell, O. Perdomo, L. Recoder-Núñez, T. Roman, K. Saha, R. Schwell, C. D. Smith, R. Vogeler, C. Waiveris (Dept. phone: 860-832-2835)

Department Overview

The Department of Mathematical Sciences has 30 full-time faculty members with expertise in mathematics, mathematics education, developmental mathematics, actuarial science, statistics, data mining, and mathematical physics. Our programs prepare students for teaching, business, industry, and research. In addition, we provide students in the Schools of Engineering and Technology, Business, and Educational and Professional Studies, as well as in other departments within the Carol A. Ammon School of Arts and Sciences, with the mathematics and statistics courses needed for success in their fields.



Major in Mathematics, BA (38 credits)

Major in Mathematics with Specialization in Actuarial Science, BA (58 credits)

Major in Mathematics with Specialization in Statistics, BA (58 credits)

Major in Mathematics, BS (Certifiable for secondary teaching, 48 credits)

Major in Mathematics, BS (Certifiable for elementary teaching, 33 credits)

Minor in Mathematics (For students completing secondary certificates, 19 credits)

Minor in Mathematics (Non-teaching, 20 credits)

Minor in Statistics (21 credits)

Certification in Elementary Education, Primary Subject Matter Area in Mathematics (24-26 credits)


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