S. Cohen, Chair; S. Barnett, B. Barr, C. Barrington, A. Cannella, D. Cappella, M. Ciscel, M. Collins, R. Dowling, C. Doyle, R. Dunne, B. Folker, J. Geller, G. Gigliotti, S. N. Gilmore, H. Hartwig, T. Hazuka, J. A. Heitner, B. A. Johnson, J. Jones, P. Karpuk, S. Lee, E. Leonidas, V. B. Martin, M. Mentzer, M. A. Nunn, S. D. Ostrowski, A. Pozorski, R. Schipke, R. Shankar, K. Sugg, H. Urbanski, L. Zidani-Eroglu (Dept. phone: 860-832-2740)

General Prerequisite: ENG 110 or an equivalent is a prerequisite for all other English courses, except ENG 099, ESL 108, ESL 109. Students majoring in English or Journalism or minoring in English, Journalism, Cinema Studies, Writing, or Creative Writing must earn a grade of C- or better in ENG 110 before taking additional ENG, CINE, or JRN courses.



Major in English, BA (42 credits)

Major in Journalism, BA (40 credits)

Major in English, BS (Certifiable for secondary education, 39 credits)

Major in English, BS (Certifiable for elementary education, 39 credits)

Minor in English (18 credits)

Minor in Writing (18 credits)

Minor in Writing for Teachers (for secondary education English majors only, 18 credits)

Minor in Journalism (21 credits)

Minor in Cinema Studies (18 credits)

Minor in Creative Writing (18 credits)

Minor in Descriptive Linguistics (21 credits)

Minor in TESOL (For students completing elementary or secondary certificates, 21 credits)

Minor in Language and Computation (24 credits)

Complementary Subject Matter Area in English/Linguistics (18 credits)

Complementary Subject Matter Area in English/Writing (18 credits)




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