Design (Graphic/Information)



E. Thornton, Chair;  W. Wang, K. Wlodarska (Dept. phone: 860-832-2557)


Department Overview

The BA degree in graphic/information design provides professional studies in the areas of graphic design, website design, interactive multimedia design, information design and digital, and 3-D imaging.

The department provides an academic structure for the advancement of graphic and information design instruction and degrees at both the undergraduate and graduate level. The Department of Design (Graphic/Information) is separate from the Departments of Art and of Computer Electronics and Graphics Technology. The faculty and staff are comprised of members with academic background and professional experience in graphic design, fine art, advertising, illustration, information design, communications, marketing, computer science, 3-D imaging, website design, and interactive multimedia design. The department maintains a state-of-the-art print center and laboratories. Upper-level students may be selected (by portfolio) for participation in the following:

  • Design Internship experience with graphic design, advertising, publishing, website or multimedia design companies;
  • Central Design, student operated full service graphic design studio; and
  • International Design Student Exchange.

Graduates of the department are highly successful, working as designers and art directors with nationally known graphic design firms, advertising agencies, corporate design and communication departments, broadcasters, publishers, and website design houses, as well as multimedia and 3-D/animation studios.



Program Admission/Requirements

First-year students and all incoming students will be advised by the Department of Design (Graphic/Information) as pre-graphic/information design majors prior to full program admission.

Acceptance into the University and participation in the pre-graphic/information design program does not guarantee acceptance into the graphic/information design major. Acceptance into the GID major is competitive and is limited by the number of students who can be accommodated. Students seeking full admission to the BA in graphic/information design degree program must meet the following qualifications:

  • Complete 9 credits at CCSU;
  • Overall GPA of 2.50 strongly recommended. Student must be in good academic standing; and
  • A score of 85 or better on the comprehensive assessment administered in DES 122 Fundamentals of Graphic/Information Design. DES 122 may be repeated only with the permission of the department chair.

These criteria will apply to students admitted to the University in spring 2004 or later and students who change their major to Pre-GID in spring 2004 or later.

Note: Students enrolled in the following courses will be assessed a $65 design lab fee: DES 222, 225, 322, 325, 326, 425, 436, 438, 439, 465, 498, 499, 503, 504, 597, and 598. Contact the department for additional information.

Note: Only students who have been admitted to the major may request transferred DES credit be substituted for "majors only" course work. Equivalency will be determined by individual course portfolio review.

Note: Registration for Graphic/Information Design II (DES 322) requires a grade of "B" or higher in Graphic/Information Design I (DES 222) in addition to the successful completion of other noted prerequisites.

Note: Students who wish to register for DES 122 a second time must submit a written request and support materials for consideration by the department chair during the semester prior to the semester when DES 122 will next be offered. These materials must include documented evidence of additional successful study in graphic design and/or attendance and participation in design-related professional conferences or workshops. Documented evidence of at least 2-3 successful efforts will be required. Please note that submitting the request and supporting materials does not guarantee permission to retake DES 122.


Major in Graphic/Information Design, BA (36 credits)



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