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The faculty of the International and Area Studies Program believe in the importance of internship and fellowship opportunities for our students.  Working in a “real world” environment provides our students with the chance to achieve many goals at the same time. 

During internships, students can make career contacts; they can assess the distance between the work world they imagine and the work world that actually exists; and students can gain, outside of the university, course credit for their work experiences. 

Fellowships are structured to provide significant work experiences, and fellows are often expected to take on a great deal of responsibility quickly. Generally, fellows are provided with unique experiences that are not typically available to someonestarting out in an entry-level position. This experiential learning component varies depending upon the fellowship program.   Generally, fellowships are short-term opportunities lasting from a few months to several years.  They focus on the professionsl development of the fellow and are sponsored by a specific association or organization seeking to expand leadership in their field.  Fellowships can be designed to support a range of activities including: graduate study in a specific field, research to advanced work on a particular issue, developing a new community-based organization or initiative, training and reflection to support the fellow's growth, and opportunities to further explore a particular field of work.



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