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Summer Curriculum Grants 2007-2008

Submitted 2/25/08 Awarded 3/28/08

Candace Barrington Tim Craine   English Mathematics  It's Greek to Us: Using the Greeks to Teach English 110 and FYS 106 2,400.00
Joseph Bonnici     Marketing   A Lighted and Portable Videography Kit for Teaching Advertising 1,088.00
Lourdes Casas Gustavo Mejia   Modern Languages  Development of a Computer-Mediated Proficiency Assessment for Language Requirement in Spanish 2,400.00
Matthew Ciscel     English   Historical Sociolinguists Network (HISON) Summer School 2,000.00
Cheryl Crespi     Accounting   Curriculum Development Using Podcast Technology: Applications for Introductory Financial Accounting 1,200.00
Bruce Day John Mitrano   Sociology  Creation of a Curriculum and Educator's Resource Guide for Route 66 2,400.00
Tiffany Doan     Biology   Herpetology: Thinking Critically About Fearsome Creatures 600.00
Marianne Fallon     Psychology   Making Learning and Memory More Learner-Centered 1,200.00
Farid Farahmand     Computer Electronics & Graphics Technology   Teaching Telecommunications and Wireless Technologies: Phase II- Virtual Online Laboratories 1,900.00
Mamoon Hammad     Manufacturing and Construction Management   "Building & Construction Information Modeling:" A Propsed New Graduate Course in the Department of Manufacturing and Construction Management 2,300.00
Jeremiah Jarrett     Biology   Integration of the Primary Scientific Literature in Introductory Biology 600.00
Brian Kershner Charles Menoche   Music  New Approaches to Composition Pedagogy: Creating Opportunities for Students to Compose for Professional Chamber Ensembles 2,500.00
Jacob Kovel     Manufacturing & Construction Management   "The Built Environment and Global Society:" A Proposed New Undergraduate Course in the Department of Manufacturing and Construction Management 1,200.00
Stan Kurkovsky     Computer Science   Hands-on Laboratory Component for Hybrid Delivery of CS 110- Introduction to Internet Programming and Applications 1,200.00
Kristine Larsen     Physics and Earth Sciences   Fire and Ice: Integrating Best Practices in the Development and Assessment of a First-Year Cosmology Course for Nonscience Majors 900.00
Lee Lee     Management and Organization   Designing a Web-Enhanced Capstone Course and a Program Assessment 1,500.00
Sally Lesik     Mathematical Sciences   Keeping Students in the Math Pipeline: Creating Momentum for Success 2,200.00
Kathy Martin-Troy Michael Davis   Biomolecular Sciences  Two New Courses Focusing on Biology and Society 1,600.00
Thomas Mione     Biology   Development of a New Molecular Phylogenetics & Molecular Evolution Course 600.00
John Mitrano     Sociology   The Creation and Development of a Sociology Course Offering Entitled "Oral History for the Social Sciences" 1,800.00
Joan Nicoll-Senft Ernest Pancsofar John Foshay Special Education  Assessing the Impact of the 4Mat Model of Teaching across Introductory Special Education Classes 3,600.00
John O'Connor     Sociology   The Development of a "Genocide and the Modern World" Course 2,000.00
Elizabeth O'Neill Kimberly Kostelis   Physical Education & Human Performance  Aligning Curriculums to the Application Process of the Professional Programs in the Department of Physical Education and Human Performance 1,200.00
Clayton Penniman     Biology   Development of a Manual for an Inquiry-Based Laboratory in Environmental Science for Non-Science Majors 2,300.00
Evelyn Phillips     Anthropology   Expanding International Studies and Courses Abroad to The Gambia, West Africa 2,919.00
Heather Prescott Briann Greenfield   History History  Graduate Course on Digital History: Theory and Practice 2,400.00
Karen Ritzenhoff     Communication   Global Literacy, Media Literacy, Visual Competence: International Dialogue Across the Curriculum 1,200.00
Moises Salinas Beth Merenstein   Psychology Sociology  Diversity Curriculum Course Development 2,400.00
Rae Schipke     English   Advocacy Writing and Multimedia Advocacy 882.00
Barry Sponder Farough Abed   Educational Leadership  The Development of a New England Technology "Course EDT 340 Integrating Technology in the Classroom" to Replace Two Existing One Credit Courses 2,400.00
Katherine Sugg Antonio Garcia-Lozada   English                     Modern Languages  Minor in Comparitive Literature for Departments of English and Modern Languages 1,400.00
Luisito Tongson     Physics and Earth Sciences   Development of Computer Controls to Interface an Ion Scattering Spectrometer of the Physics Department for Use in Precision Data Acquisition, Data Analysis, and Automated Instrumentation 1,300.00
Linda Wagner     Nursing   Caring and Community: Service Learning in Nursing 1,600.00
Cindy White     Communication   Global Literacy, Media Literacy, Bringing Media Literacy to the Course Abroad Experience 1,050.00
    Total 58,239.00
  Total Proposals Submitted 40
  Total Proposals Awarded 34
  Total Dollars Requested


  Total Dollars Awarded $58,239.00


SPO is staffed by Mimi Kaplan, Assistant Director(2-2366).

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