Conditions Under Which Admission to the Professional Program May Be Revoked

The dean of the School of Education and Professional Studies may revoke admission to the professional program for the following reasons:

  • Failure to maintain an overall or professional program GPA of 2.70;
  • Falsification of information or documentation;
  • Inappropriate or unprofessional behavior, attitudes, or attributes that negatively impact performance as a teacher;
  • Inappropriate responses in various contexts that negatively affect performance as a teacher;
  • Unacceptable performance during a field experience or student teaching;
  • Unacceptable performance on performance assessments;
  • Failure to adhere to the Connecticut Code of Professional Responsibility for Teachers;
  • Failure to maintain confidentiality of all information concerning colleagues and students obtained during the educational process;
  • Failure to demonstrate at all times integrity and honesty in written and verbal communications, documentation, and coursework related to the professional program;
  • Conviction of crime of moral turpitude or crime that in the opinion of the University would impair the standing of the School of Education and Professional Studies; or
  • Other due and sufficient cause.
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