Undergraduate Catalog 2009-2011

Student Disability Services

Student Disability Services (SDS) provides students, faculty, and staff with assistance and information on issues of access and fostering opportunities for students to participate in a barrier-free learning environment at the University. The principal duty of SDS is to provide services and supports that promote educational equity for students with disabilities. Assistance includes arranging reasonable accommodations and auxiliary aids that are necessary for students with disabilities to pursue their academic studies, both in and out of the classroom. Students with verifiable disabilities, visible or hidden, qualify for services. Students should disclose their disability to SDS as soon as they are notified of acceptance to the University to ensure timely services. All students must provide current documentation of a disability that limits one or more major life activities. Disability categories include, but are not limited to, mobility/orthopedic disabilities; specific learning disabilities; attention deficit disorders; vision and hearing disabilities; acquired head injuries; psychiatric/psychological disabilities; epilepsy; and chronic health-related disabilities. Course accommodations may include arranging for sign language interpreters, Kurzweil technology, readers, note takers, books on CD, extended time for exams, on-campus housing, and classroom relocation if inaccessibility exists. In addition, students can learn advocacy skills and to develop strategies to negotiate campus life independently. Students are given an opportunity to understand their legal rights and protection, to develop compensatory skills, and to become knowledgeable about adaptive technology, as well as additional on- and off-campus resources.

Students are encouraged to meet with Natalie Stimpson-Byers, coordinator of Student Disability Services, located in The Learning Center, Copernicus Hall, Room 241 (860-832-1900), TTY 860-832-1954. For more information, visit www.ccsu.edu/learnctr.

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