Undergraduate Catalog 2009-2011

Literature Requirement for Study Area I

Courses with the letter [L] have been designated as fulfilling the literature component of the general education literature requirements. The following is a list of courses with the [L] designation.

CHIN 304       Topics in Chinese Literature

ENG 203         Survey of World Literature: Ancient to Early Modern

ENG 204         Survey of World Literature: 17th Century to the Present

ENG 205         Survey in British Literature: Middle Ages to the 18th Century

ENG 206         Survey of British Literature:  Romanticism to the Present

ENG 210         Survey of American Literature: Pre-Civil War

ENG 211         Survey of American Literature: Civil War to the Present

ENG 212         African-American Literature

ENG 213         Studies in American Literature

ENG 214         Studies in International Literature

ENG 215         Introduction to Women Writers

ENG 220         Shakespeare

ENG 250         Contemporary Literature

ENG 260         Introduction to Poetry

ENG 261         Introduction to Fiction

ENG 262         Introduction to Drama

ENG 347         Latino/a Literature

FR 301            Approaches to Reading French Texts

FR 302            Masterpieces of French Literature

GER 304         Literary Masterpieces to 1800

GER 305         Literary Masterpieces since 1800

HUM 250        Topics in European Literature

ITAL 304        Literary Masterpieces to 1700

ITAL 305        Literary Masterpieces Since 1700

LAS 375         Spanish American Literature I

LAS 376         Spanish American Literature II

SPAN 304       Literary Masterpieces to 1700: Spain

SPAN 305       Literary Masterpieces since 1700: Spain

SPAN 375       Spanish American Literature I

SPAN 376       Spanish American Literature II

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