Undergraduate Catalog 2009-2011

Science Education

SCI 111     Elementary Earth-Physical Sciences  3

Prereq.:  Open only to students in elementary education programs. Inquiry-based introduction to topics in earth and physical sciences contained within the Connecticut State Science elementary standards. Study Area IV

SCI 412     Elementary Science Methods    2

Prereq.:  BIO 211, one course in ESCI (ESCI 111 recommended), admission to the Professional Program in Teacher Education. Methods of science instruction and assessment using developmentally appropriate activities. Introduction to science curriculum, the National Science Standards, and the State of Connecticut Frameworks. Not open to Summer Through Summer participants without permission of instructor.


SCI 416     Educational Technology in Secondary Science     1

Prereq.:  Admission to the Professional Program in Teacher Education. Taken concurrently with SCI 417. Examination and use of software applications, hardware, and the Internet in the context of integrating educational technology into science curriculum.

SCI 417     Teaching of Science in the Secondary School     3

Prereq.:  EDTE 316, Admission to the Professional in Teacher Education. Taken concurrently with ESC 425 and SCI 416. Examination and application of curriculum, instruction, and assessment strategies in line with national and state standards/frameworks and CSDE certification requirements, including the BEST program and science teaching portfolio development.

SCI 419     Student Teaching Seminar      1

Prereq.:  SCI 417 (EDSC 435 taken concurrently). Discussion, reflection, and collaboration with peers on issues that arise in secondary science education in the areas of curriculum, instruction, classroom management, and student assessment.

SCI 420     History and Nature of Science 3

Prereq.:  Three courses in science or mathematics, or permission of department chair. Study of the history and nature of science. Examination of scientist's lives and discoveries through a cultural, political, and economic lens; and how science distinguishes itself from other disciplines' ways of knowing the world by examining contemporary assumptions, issues, and values of science. A safety plan based on state and national recommendations for implementation in the classroom will be required. [GR]

SCI 452     Independent Study in Science  1 TO 6

Prereq.:  Approved plan of study by arrangement with the supervising instructor and approval of the science department chair. Includes special work in the laboratory or study of theory to meet the individual requirements in areas not covered by the regular curriculum. May be taken for more than one semester up to a limit of 6 credits. On demand. [GR]

SCI 453     Environmental Interpretation Internship   3

Prereq.:  Prior completion of two field trips to environmental education facilities approved by advisory committee and senior standing. Responsible experiences in an environmental education facility. Before commencing the internship, a plan of the internship must be approved by the Advisory Committee on Environmental Interpretation. [GR]

SCI 456     Teaching Science to Young Children  3

Prereq.:  Permission of instructor. Develops teaching strategies which assist young children in expanding their awareness, understanding, and appreciation of their natural environment. Teachers will learn active involvement techniques and will prepare hands-on science curriculum materials for use with children from preschool through grade 3. On demand. [GR]

SCI 485     Studies in Science      1 TO 3

Prereq.:  Permission of instructor. Selected studies in the sciences which are not offered presently in the curriculum of the science departments. Course may be repeated for different topics, but the student may not take this course for credit under the same topic more than once. On demand. [GR]

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