Undergraduate Catalog 2009-2011


RDG 140     Reading Efficiency      3

Student's reading is analyzed and training is provided to improve vocabulary, comprehension, and rate. Study skills needed in college work are given attention. Skill Area IV


RDG 315     Comprehensive Reading Instruction I   3

Prereq.:  Admission to the Professional Program in Teacher Education. Taken concurrently with EDTE 315 (Elementary Education majors). Concentrates on early literacy processes, with an emphasis on work identification skills. Topics include theories of reading, emergent literacy, reading instructional frameworks common in PreK-2 classrooms, early writing experiences as they relate to reading, concepts about print, phonological awareness, phonics, sight word knowledge, context knowledge, and fluency.

RDG 316     Comprehensive Reading Instruction II      3

Prereq.:  RDG 315. Taken concurrently with EDTE 320 (Elementary Education majors) or EDTE 420 (Early Childhood majors). Theories, instructional applications, and materials for the teaching, learning and assessment of literacy processes in K-6 classrooms. Topics include handwriting, spelling, reading and writing connections, vocabulary development, comprehension strategies, ELL instruction, reading assessment, and theories of reading.

RDG 400     Writing Instruction for Teachers    2

Prereq.:  Permission of Teacher Education chair and Reading and Language Arts chair. Course will explore writing as it relates to the teacher as writer and the impact of his/her writings on writing instruction in elementary classroom. Focus will be on developing the teacher as writer.


RDG 412     Literacy in the Elementary School   3

Prereq.:  RDG 316. Taken concurrently with EDTE 420 (Elementary Education majors). Introduction to foundational, philosophical and theoretical underpinnings of literacy education. An integrated approach to teaching the language arts, including reading, writing, speaking, listening, viewing, and visually representing in the elementary school curriculum. Field experience required.

RDG 440     Literacy in the Secondary School    3

Prereq.:  Admission to the Professional Program in Teacher Education and EDTE 316 or permission of Reading Department chair. Fundamentals of reading and language arts to support instructional design and student development across disciplines and grade levels. Designed for pre-service content area teachers. Field experience required. Recommended to be taken concurrently with EDSC 425. Not open to post-baccalaureate students.

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