Undergraduate Catalog 2009-2011

Manufacturing Technology


MFG 118     Introduction to Materials     3

Technical principles and concepts of material structure, properties, and testing methods for the major material families (metals, polymers, ceramics and composites) as it relates to material selection and processing decisions. Lecture/lab meets five hours per week.

MFG 121     Technical Drafting & CAD      3

Introduction to geometric construction, 3D modeling, orthographic projection, sectional and auxiliary views, dimensioning/tolerancing, and pictorials. Emphasis on the use of CAD. Technical drafting equipment and sketching are used to reinforce drawing techniques. Lecture/lab meets five hours per week.  

MFG 216     Manufacturing Processes 3

Prereq.:  MFG 118 or ET 150, or permission of instructor. Manufacturing principles for material removal, forming, joining, and casting. Applications of machine tool setup and operation, feeds and speeds, principles of cutting tools, welding, and foundry. Lecture/lab meets five hours per week.  


MFG 226     Principles of Computer Numerical Control  3

Prereq.:  MFG 121 or ETM 260 or permission of instructor. Principles essential for computer numerical control part programming and machine tool operation. Laboratory experiences include word address programming, computer-aided programming, and CNC machine tool setup and operation. Lecture/lab meets five hours per week. Spring.


MFG 236     Tool Design 3

Prereq.:  MFG 121 or permission of instructor. Introductory study of and experiences in the design and construction of custom tooling for manufacturing. Lecture/lab meets five hours per week. Fall.


MFG 321     Computer-Aided Drafting 3

Prereq.:  GRT 112 or MFG 121 or permission of instructor. Laboratory-based instruction to the utilization of the computers in preparing architectural, civil, mechanical, electrical, piping, and pictorial drawings. Lecture/lab meets five hours per week.  


MFG 366     Manufacturing Supply Chain Strategy 3

Prereq.:  MGT 295. Overview of emerging trends in managing the manufacturing supply and value chains. Strategies, tools and techniques for production, purchasing, inventory control, customer service and distribution. Fall.

MFG 496     Lean Manufacturing      3

Principles of lean manufacturing methodologies. Topics include production flow analysis, value stream mapping, pull systems, cellular manufacturing waste elimination, visual factory, error proofing, quick changeover, change management. Fall.

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