Undergraduate Catalog 2009-2011



Note: See also the Pre-Law Program on page linked here, as well as EXS 412, PHIL 349, PS 235, PS 241, PS 331, PS 332, PS 338, and PS 339.

LAW 250     Legal Environment of Business 3

Prereq.:  30 credits completed before beginning course work. Introduction to the legal environment of organizations, including principles that affect management, marketing, accounting, finance and technology. Included is a review of social responsibility of business, international legal environment, administrative law, torts, contracts, agency, business organizations, and intellectual property.


LAW 390     Topics in International Business Law      3

Prereq.:  LAW 250. Selected topics in international legal studies. May include specific business topics. Course content may vary from semester to semester. Irregular. [I]


LAW 400     Advanced Business Law   3

Prereq.:  LAW 250 (C- or higher). Advanced legal principles pertaining to commercial transactions and business organizations. Topics include contracts, sales, negotiable instruments, partnerships and corporations, accountant's legal liability, and bankruptcy. [GR]

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