Undergraduate Catalog 2009-2011


HUM 100     Search in the Humanities      3

Introduction to the intellectual processes and value systems in the humanities. Titles and themes may vary from section to section. Study Area I


HUM 250     Topics in European Literature 3

Prereq.: ENG 110.  A literary figure, movement or theme in European Literature studied in translation. Topic may vary from semester to semester. On demand. Study Area I [I] [L]


HUM 290     Studies in Modern Civilization      3 OR 6

Insights into the culture of other lands as reflected in the arts, national traditions, institutions and values. Area or topic may vary from semester to semester. On demand. [I]


HUM 490     The Culture and Civilization of Other Lands     3

An approach to better understanding of other peoples' life and culture as reflected in their language, music, literature, art, and folklore. The area covered may vary from section to section. Offered in English. May be repeated with different topics. Irregular. [I] [GR]


HUM 494     Foreign Study Through Travel  3 OR 6

Course will acquaint students with the civilizations of other countries through supervised travel abroad. Attention to the special needs and interests of participants. On demand. [I] [GR]

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