Undergraduate Catalog 2009-2011

Engineering Technology

ET 240      Spreadsheet and Engineering Problem Solving Tools     3

Prereq.:  ENGR 150 and MATH 119 or 121 or higher or permission of instructor. The application of spreadsheet and MATLAB tools for problem solving, graphing and analyzing engineering data, and programming of formulae, procedures and macros in Excel. Two hours of lecture and one two-hour laboratory per week.  

ET 241      Applied Statics and Strength of Materials 3

Prereq.:  PHYS 111 or PHYS 112, and MATH 115 or MATH 119 or MATH 121 or MATH 125. Introduction to applied statics and strength of materials with a non-calculus-based analytical and practical approach. Comprehensive explanation of theory and application to architectural, construction, industrial, mechanical and structural problems. May not be used to meet the requirements for a major or minor in Civil, Computer, Manufacturing, or Mechanical Engineering Technology. Fall. Study Area IV

ET 251      Applied Mechanics I - Statics 3

Prereq.:  ENGR 150; and PHYS 121 and MATH 136 (may be taken concurrently) or PHYS 125 and MATH 152. Fundamentals of statics, including the resolution and composition of forces and the equilibrium of force systems. Analysis of forces acting on structures and machines, centroids, moments of inertia. Vector methods are used.

ET 252      Applied Mechanics II - Dynamics     3

Prereq.:  ET 251. Introduction to kinematics of motion and kinetics of particles and rigid bodies.  

ET 300      Ergonomics  3

A study of the man/machine relationship necessary to achieve maximum productivity and job satisfaction. Emphasis will be placed on the physical work environment with considerations given to health and safety criteria.

ET 354      Applied Fluid Mechanics 3

Prereq.:  ET 251. Application of fluid mechanics principles to systems. Study of fluid statics and dynamics including Bernoulli equation, momentum, energy, laminar and turbulent flow, pipe and open channel flow, pumping systems, and dimensional similarity. Lecture/lab required. Fall.  

ET 357      Strength of Materials   3

Prereq.:  ET 251 and PHYS 121 and MATH 136 or MATH 152. The study of simple and combined stress, torsion, flexure, and deflection of beams, continuous and restrained beams, combines axial and bending loads, and columns. Computer applications. Not intended for engineering students.  

ET 361      Engineering Technology Instrumentation    3

Prereq:  STAT 104 and ET 357. Study of terminology and analysis of experimental techniques specific to various areas of engineering technology such as strain, displacement, acceleration and material properties. Covers analysis of data, error budgeting, and preparation of professional reports. Two hour lecture and one two-hour laboratory per week.

ET 399      Engineering Economy     3

Prereq.:  MATH 125 or MATH 135 or MATH 152. Economic analysis of financing technical or engineering projects and determining costs and justification of improvements as related to the construction and industrial infrastructure facilities. Fall, Spring, Summer. Study Area II  

ET 495      Topics in Engineering Technology    3

Prereq.:  ENGR 150 and permission of instructor. Provides an opportunity to present topics of interest not currently covered in the engineering technology curricula.

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