Undergraduate Catalog 2009-2011


EDEL 322    Effective Elementary Teaching 3

Prereq.:  Admission to the Professional Program of Teacher Education, EDTE 315. Taken concurrently with EDTE 320. Emphasis on use of standards, development and alignment of objectives, daily and long-range plans, instructional strategies, assessment strategies and reflection on practice. Students develop and implement lessons.

EDEL 415    Elementary Social Studies Methods   1

Prereq.:  Admission to the Professional Program of Teacher Education; EDEL 322 and EDTE 320. Taken concurrently with EDTE 420. Introduction to Introduction to content and process of elementary social studies. Students examine curricular goals and materials, research and construct integrative, developmentally appropriate social studies lessons, and implement lesson in field setting.

EDEL 430    Elementary Education Student Teaching     1 TO 9

Prereq.:  Permission of the Director of the Office of Field Experiences. Student teachers in elementary schools work with teachers and children in professional activities. Placement culminates with student teachers assuming responsibility for planning and implementing units of instruction and developing classroom leadership. Full semester of field-based work required. Not for credit in graduate programs. Only the required concurrent courses may be taken during student teaching.

EDEL 485    Creating Classroom Community (K-8)  3

Examination of the purposes, processes, and strategies of varied approaches to building community in elementary education and kindergarten through grade eight classrooms. Irregular. [GR]

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