Undergraduate Catalog 2009-2011



L. Bowman, Chair; C. Andreoletti, C. Shaw Austad,  P. Chu, J. Conway, J. DiPlacido, F. Donis, C. Fallahi, M. Fallon,  M. B. Goldstein, S. W. Horowitz, L. Levine,  M. Mealy, L. Perdue, M. Salinas, J. Sikorski, B. Waite, R. Wood (Dept. phone: 860-832-3100)

Department Overview

The Department of Psychology offers courses leading to the BA degree. The psychology curriculum provides students with a broad view of the field, its methods of study, and the various specialties of modern psychology.

Many psychology majors may wish to continue their studies in graduate or professional schools of psychology. Others enroll in non-psychology professional programs such as law, education, or social work. Still others study psychology to gain an understanding of people for later use in management, teaching, or other business-related careers. Many students enter directly into psychology-related positions in such areas as rehabilitation or human services. Psychology provides a vehicle for personal development and an avenue for pursuing a liberal arts education. The study of psychology will broaden one's knowledge of people and their behavior and teach one how to study behavior in a scientific way.

The department places emphasis on quality teaching and supports and encourages student research and scholarship. For students interested in experimental psychology, laboratory and computer facilities are available. For those interested in developmental issues, excellent opportunities exist for observing and interacting with children. Faculty resources are always available for student consultation.

Upon completion of a data sheet in the department office, students wishing to major in psychology will be assigned advisors to guide their program choices. Curriculum sheets and advisory materials are also available from the department office.



Major in Psychology, BA (42 credits)

PSY 112 General Psychology I 3
PSY 113 Exploring Psychology 3
PSY 221 Research Methods in Psychology I 4
PSY 222 Research Methods in Psychology II 4
PSY 236 Life-Span Development 3
PSY 330 Abnormal Psychology 3
PSY 490 History & Systems of Psychology 3

One course is required from each of the following categories:


PSY 372 Social Psychology 3
PSY 470 Personality Psychology: Theories and Research 3



PSY 342 Sensation & Perception 3
PSY 450 Biopsychology 3


PSY 200 Learning & Memory 3
PSY 281 Cognitive Psychology 3
PSY 440 Motivation 3



PSY 350 Cross-Cultural Psychology 3
PSY 430 Psychology of Diversity  3

and 9 credits of psychology electives

In addition, in order to graduate, students must take the Psychology Assessment test. The test will be administered by the department twice each semester; students may take the test only once.

A minor is required for this major.

Note: PSY 112 (C- or higher) and STAT 215 (C- or higher) are prerequisites for PSY 221.

Minor in Psychology (18 credits)

PSY 112  General Psychology 3
Psychology electives 15

Minor in Gerontology

The minor in gerontology provides students with a solid background in different issues related to adult development and aging in order to prepare them to serve the aging population in various capacities. The minor incorporates courses from the schools of Arts and Sciences, Education and Professional Studies, and Technology. For more information, refer to the gerontology page linked here.

Note: Psychology majors choosing to minor in gerontology cannot double-count major and minor requirements.




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