Undergraduate Catalog 2009-2011

Political Science



P. Petterson, Chair; W. Brown Foster, D. Cohen, J. Duquette, G. El-Eid, , A. G. Smith, R. Smith (Dept. phone: 860-832-2967)



Major in Political Science, BA (36 credits)

PS 104  The World’s Political Systems 3
PS 110American Government & Politics3

and one course in each of the following five areas- American government and politics; political theory; comparative government; international relations and organization; public law, methodology and organizational behavior. Six credits from the fields of history, sociology, psychology, economics, geography, mathematics, and statistics may be applied to the 36-credit political science requirement, when approved in advance by the departmental chair.


Major in Political Science with Specialization in Public Administration, BA (36 credits)

PS 110 American Government & Politics 3
PS 230 American State and Local Government 3
PS 260 Public Administration 3
PS 344 Interpretation of Political Data 3
PS 446 The Budgetary Process 3
PS 450 Ethics, Corruption, and Virtue in Public Service 3


6 credits from the following:

PS 480 Government Intern Experience    4
PS 481 Intern Seminars and Research    4
PS 482 Government Intern Experience 6-8
PS 483 Intern Seminars and Research 6-8
PS 490 Directed Readings in Political Science 1-6
PS 491 Advanced Studies in Political Science 1-6

or approved 400-level courses in political science or other fields

12 credits of electives from political science, or from fields directly related to public administration, with prior approval of the department advisor. Particularly appropriate electives are PS 315, 330, 331 or 332, 335, 430, and 431. Students must also complete a minor in an area relevant to public administration.

Minor in Political Science (18 credits)

At least 15 credits must be in political science; the remaining credits may be earned in a discipline relevant to political science.


Minor in Political Science (For students completing secondary certification, 18 credits)



PS 104 The World's Political Systems 3

PS 110 American Government & Politics 3

Credit for not more than 6 credits towards a political science minor may be granted, with approval of the department chair, from those areas listed as options under the major.





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