Undergraduate Catalog 2009-2011

Religious Studies



J. McKeon, Advisor; A. Adams, F. Best, G. Gigliotti (Dept. phone 860-832-2915)


Minor in Religious Studies

18 credits of approved courses, including one 3-credit course from each of the four specified course areas.

Comparative Religion

REL 110World Religions3
Religious Texts
ENG 360The Bible as Literature: Old Testament3
ENG 361The Bible as Literature: New Testament3
Historical/Social Science
HIST 277History of Christianity I3
HIST 278History of Christianity II3
HIST 292History of Judaism3
HIST 435History of Early Medieval Europe3
HIST 436History of Later Medieval Europe3
HIST 441Renaissance & Reformation3
HIST 469African Americans in the 20th Century3
ANTH 240The Supernatural3
Philosophical/Religious Thought
PHIL 232Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy3
PHIL 250Introduction to Asian Philosophy3
PHIL 255Philosophy of Religion3
PHIL 275Chinese Philosophy3
PHIL 376Buddhist Philosophy3
PHIL 492Independent Study1-3
REL 105Development of Christian Thought3
REL 250Japanese Religion3
REL 256Philosophy, Religion, and Culture3
REL 257Special Topics in Religion3
REL 361African-American Religion3
REL 492Independent Study1-3

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