Undergraduate Catalog 2009-2011

Hospitality and Tourism Studies



I. Turnipseed, Interim Director (860-832-2782); R. Benfield, D. Dornan, B. Greenfield, K. Koh, D. Miller, W. Perry, P. Root


Program Overview

Hospitality and tourism involves the business of attracting, transporting, lodging, entertaining, and providing food and beverages to people. It is one of the fastest growing segments in Connecticut's economy. This unique course of study is designed as an interdisciplinary program that incorporates courses from the School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Business, leading to a BS degree in hospitality and tourism. Tourism hospitality studies (THS) courses are being added to the program as the program grows, and students are encouraged to visit the program website at http://www.ccsu.edu/tourism for further information and updates on our expanding tourism curriculum.



Major in Hospitality and Tourism, BS

This 54-credit program consists of 21 credits in foundation courses in business and geography, 15 credits of required core courses, and 18 credits in either the tourism studies track or the hospitality studies/transfer track. Note: Students may not exceed 24 credits in business courses.

Foundation Courses (21 credits):

AC 211Introduction to Financial Accounting3
GEOG 120World Regional Geography3
GEOG 290Geography of Tourism3
FIN 295 Managerial Finance3
LAW 250Legal Environment of Business3
MGT 295Fundamentals of Management and Organizational Behavior3
MIS 201Introduction to Management Information Systems3
MKT 295 Fundamentals of Marketing3
Tourism/Hospitality Core (15 credits):
GEOG 450Tourism Planning3
GEOG 454Geography of Tourism Marketing3
THS 300The Hospitality Industry3
THS 410Tourism & Hospitality Operations3
and one 400-level THS elective
Tourism Studies Track 
Students must take 18 credits of electives, selected in consultation with a faculty advisor. Recommended courses include: 
ENG 382Travel Writing3
GEOG 451Tourism Development in Southern New England3
GEOG 453Recreation and Resort Planning3
GEOG 455New Directions in Tourism3
MKT 359Special Events Marketing3
THS 430Internship in Tourism & Hospitality3
THS 435Independent Study in Tourism and Hospitality3
THS 450Hotel and Lodging Practicum3
THS 455Conventions and Meeting Planning Practicum3
THS 490Current Topics in Tourism & Hospitality3
Students may also choose a maximum of two courses from the following list of regional geography courses: 
GEOG 330United States and Canada3
GEOG 434Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean3
GEOG 435Japan and Korea3
GEOG 436South America3
GEOG 437China3
GEOG 439Urban Geography3
GEOG 446Sub-Saharan Africa3
GEOG 448Russia and Neighboring Regions3
GEOG 452European Union3
Hospitality Studies/Transfer Track 
18 credits of courses, approved by a faculty advisor, taken at another institution.
No minor is required for this major.
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