Undergraduate Catalog 2009-2011

Cinema Studies



B. Barr, Program Coordinator; C. Austad, S. Barnett, D. Blitz, J. Boutouba, S. Cohen, J. Del Ama, G. Emeagwali, R. Kagan, P. Lapuerta, C. Pesca, K. Ritzenhoff, J. Teitler (Dept. phone 832-2780)


Program Overview

The interdisciplinary minor in cinema studies is for students interested in developing a critical understanding of the moving image. Audio-visual media play a dominant role in our culture and in our lives, and this course of study will provide students with the skills to create, understand, and interpret various forms of the moving image. The minor is multidisciplinary in method (drawing on courses from different departments in the university) and multicultural in scope as it seeks to look at media in an international and cross-cultural context. This course of study regards cinema as an art form, as social practice, and as cultural artifact. Courses in the minor cover the history, theory, criticism, and practice of the moving image, with the aim of creating active and critical viewers of films and other audio-visual texts.

The curriculum for cinema studies may include coursework in film history, production, film theory, national cinemas, genre studies, authorship, visual culture, history, philosophy, and aesthetics. All courses in the curriculum are devoted primarily to study or production of the moving image. A rigorous curriculum will be grounded first of all in a basic understanding of production along with cinema history and theory. Students may then elect to focus on production courses, critical studies courses, or a combination of both.



Minor in Cinema Studies (18 credits)

Cinema Studies Requirements
COMM 319Filmic Narrative3
COMM 330Basic Video Production3
CINE 201The Language of Film3
COMM 220Introduction to History of Film3
Production Electives 
COMM 427Television Programming and Production3
COMM 428Advanced TV Production3
COMM 480Television Documentary Production3
COMM 495Special Topics: Scriptwriting3
Electives in Critical Studies 
CINE 201The Language of Film3
CINE 350Laughter, Blood, and Tears: Studies in Film Genre3
CINE 365Nonfiction & Documentary Film3
CINE 480Topics in Cinema Studies3
CINE 490Cinema Studies: Independent Study3
COMM 220Introduction to History of Film3
COMM 380Women and Film3
COMM 382American Cinema3
COMM 495Special Topics: Popular Film & Politics3
ENG 460Shakespeare and Film3
ENG 465Global Cinema3
ENG 466American Cinema in the 60s and 70s3
HIST 476African History through Film3
PES 111War & Peace through Film3

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