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Every few years the CCSU Department of Psychological Science offers a course abroad.  Below are a few examples: 

Global Experiences in Psychology

Dr. Marisa Mealy offers various graduate and undergraduate courses abroad. She has offered courses in Costa Rica, Chile, and Turkey.  For information on current classes, please click the link entitled "course abroad listings".

An example of one of her course abroad descriptions may be found below:

Costa Ricans' unique traits derive from a profoundly conscious self-image, which orients much of their behavior as both individuals and as nation. The Costa Ricans feel distinct from their neighbors by their "whiteness" and relative lack of indigenous culture. Ticos identify themselves first and foremost as Costa Ricans (and only Central Americans or Latin Americans, as an afterthought). Costa Ricans regardless of wealth or status are used to acting with utmost humility and boasting of any kind is usually frowned upon.

They remain very strongly oriented around traditional values based on respect for oneself and the others, tolerance being one of their most characteristic traits. The corner stone of society is the family and the village community. Social life still centers on the home and family, bonds are so strong that sons and daughters do not see a need to leave the home until they marry.

The course will be based in the rainforest communities around the famous Monteverde Biological Reserve, where students have the unique opportunity to experience these, and other, Costa Rican cultural traits firsthand. Additionally, we travel within the country and explore Costa Rica's diversity: including indigenous communities, small towns, and the capital city of San Jose, ecological and economic challenges, psychosocial factors, the Monteverde Reserve, Poas volcano, and the Pacific Coast (including the beach)!

Our one warning: although you can generally count on a Tico's loyalty, you shouldn't count on his punctuality.


The Hawaiian Nation

Dr. Carol Shaw Austad has also offered both a graduate and undergraduate courses in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Hawai'i - islands rich in human, plant, and animal diversity. This course provides a unique travel learning experience that explores the culture, history, and psychology of Hawai'i and its indigenous people. Through immersion in many aspects of Hawaiian culture, students will gain an appreciation for the true Hawai'i and its indigenous people, and Aloha, the Hawaiian way of life.

The psychology program provides the student with guidance in examining the psychological aspects of Hawaiian culture, which looks at how Hawaiian psychology with its emphasis on interdependence interfaces with Western psychology. The psychology program will provide an opportunity to observe, understand, respect, and appreciate Hawaiian indigenous culture and the impact that modern society has had upon the Hawaiian psyche and how the wisdom of the Hawaiian psyche can improve attitude and enjoyment of life.




























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