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Banner Naming Conventions

Banner forms, reports, jobs and tables have seven-character names with the following structure:

Position 1

Identifies the primary system owning the form, report, job or table.

 A Alumni/Development K Work Management S Student
 B Property Tax L Occupational Tax/License T Accounts Payable
 C Courts N Position Control U Utilities
 D Cash Drawer O Customer Contact V Voice Response
 F Finance P HR/Payroll/Personnel X Records Indexing
 G General Q Electronic Work Queue W, Y , Z Reserved for client applications that
co-exist with Banner 2000
 I Information Access R Financial Aid 

Position 2

Identifies the module owning the form, report, job or table.

General (G)
Alumni/Development (A)
HR/Payroll/Personnel (P)
E Event ManagementA MembershipA Application
J Job SubmissionD DesignationB Budget
L Letter GenerationE Event ManagementC COBRA
O OverallF CampaignD Benefits/Deductions
P PurgeG Pledge and Gift/Pledge MgmtE Employee
S SecurityM Prospect ManagementH Time Reporting/History
T Validation form/tableO OrganizationO Overall
U UtilityP Constituent/PersonP General Person
X Cross product
S Solicitor OrganizationR Electronic Approvals
 Student (S)
T Validation form/tableS Security
A Admissions
U Utility
T Validation/rule table
C CatalogX Expected Matching GiftU Utility
E Support Services
Financial Aid (R)
X Tax Administration
F Registration/Fee AssessmentB Budgeting
Finance (F)
G General StudentC Record CreationA Accounts Payable
H Grades/Academic HistoryE Electronic Data Exchange
B Budget Development
I Faculty LoadF Funds Management
C Cost Accounting
K Reserved for SCT Intl. - UKH History and TranscriptsE Electronic Data Interchange
L Location ManagementJ Student Employment
F Fixed Assets
M CAPPL Logging
G General Ledger
O Overall
N Need Analysis
I Investment Management
P Person
O Common Functions
O Operations
R Recruiting
P Packaging & Disbursements
P Purchasing/Procurement
S Schedule
R Requirements TrackingR Research Accounting
T Validation form/table
S Student System Shared DataS Stores Inventory
U UtilityT Validation form/table
T Validation form/table
 U Utility
U Utility
  X Archive/Purge
Accounts Receivable (T)
Information Access (I)
F Finance Accounts Receivable
S Student
G General Accounts Receivable
R Financial Aid
O Overall
S Student Accounts Receivable
T Validation form/table
U Utility


Position 3

Identifies the type of form, report, job or table

General (G)
Student (S)
Finance (F)
A Application FormA Application formA Application form
B Base Table Batch COBOL processB Base tableB Base Table
I Inquiry FormI Inquiry FormI Inquiry form
O Online COBOL processP ProcessM Maintenance form
Q Query formQ Query formQ Query form
R Rule Table /Repeating
Table Report/process
R Rule table/Repeating
Table Report/Process
R Rule Table Repeating
Table Report/Process
T General maintenance
Temporary Table
V Validation form/table
V Validation form/table
V Validation form/table View  
Financial Aid (R)
HR/Payroll/Personnel (P)
Alumni/Development (A)
A Application formA Application formA Application form
B Base TableB Base Table
Batch COBOL process
B Base Table
I Inquiry formI Inquiry formC Called/list form
P Process/ReportP ProcessI Inquiry form
R Rule Table /Repeating
Table Report/process
R Rule Table/Repeating Table
P Process/Report
T Temporary tableV Validation form/tableR Repeating rules table
V Validation form/table
 V Validation form/table
Accounts Receivable (T)
Information Access
A Application formR Report 
I Inquiry  
P Process  
Q Query  
R Report  
V Validation form/table  


Position 4, 5, 6 and 7

Uniquely identify the form, report, job, or table.



 S Student
 P Person
 A Application


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