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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you do not see an answer to your question, please contact the Card Office at (860)832 - 2140.

When do we see the meal plan Blue Chip money on the card?

Meal Plan money is scheduled to be made available on Wednesday August 22nd. If problems arise in disbursing the money it will become available the following business day.

What meal plan did we purchase?

Students living on campus must purchase one of four “all access” meal plans (see next question). The difference between them is how much money is put onto your Blue Chip account ($0, $100, $200 or $250). The most basic “all access” meal plan costs $2,103.00. An “All Access” with $100 for Blue Chip would cost $2,203, with $200 for Blue Chip $2,303 and so forth. Students not living on campus may purchase one of three Commuter Meal Plans (20, 30 or 40 meals, costing $129, $189 or $249). By checking the meal plan cost on your eBill you can see what meal plan you purchased.

What does “all access” meal plan mean?

“All Access” meal plan means you can eat as much as you want as often as you like whenever Food Services is open. Commuter Meal Plans are limited to 20, 30 or 40 meals per academic year but you may purchase another Commuter Meal Plan should you run out of meals before the end of the academic year.

How is excess financial aid money put on the Blue Chip card?

The Bursars Office handles the transfer of excess financial aid to your Blue Chip account. Call them at 860-832-2010 or visit their web site for more information “bursar.ccsu.edu” and select “Blue Chip Advance Request”. A maximum of $600 of excess financial aid may be transferred to your Blue Chip account for any one semester.

When does the financial aid money go on?

Somewhere around the middle of August (for Fall Semester) or January (for Spring Semester) the Bursars Office begins transferring excess financial aid to Blue Chip accounts. Call them at 860-832-2010 for more information.

Can I deposit more money on the Blue Chip Card?

You may deposit more money into you Blue Chip anytime you wish. The Blue Chip card may be used as a debit card for purchases on campus or off campus at authorized establishments. It is not an ATM card allowing you to remove cash from it so be careful how much you deposit.

Does the money expire after the semester is over?

No. Money deposited into your Blue Chip account remains in your account from one semester to the next. When you graduate or withdraw from CCSU the balance (if over $10.00) will be processed as a refund to you.

Is the meal plan for the whole year?

At CCSU we have two basic meal plans. “All Access” for students living on campus which is good for one semester (Fall: September to December or Spring: January to May). CCSU also has three Commuter meal plans (20, 30 or 40 meals) that are good for an Academic year (September to May).

Who can use your Blue Chip ID Card?

Your card is for your use and your use only. It cannot be given away or loaned to another person for any reason. Anyone using another person’s Blue Chip ID Card exposes themselves to penalty and/or prosecution.

Who needs a Blue Chip Card and how do I obtain one?

All students, faculty, and staff must obtain a Blue Chip card. Go to the Card Office located in the Student Center to obtain a card. You must provide a valid form of identification such as a driver's license or passport. This process takes approximately 5 minutes. Your card does not expire. University rights and privileges that your card gives you access to may expire if you are not currently taking classes but your card is still valid. Do not destroy or lose the card after graduation or withdrawal. Your Blue Chip Card will be active again upon taking classes at CCSU in the future.

How do I add money to my Blue Chip debit account?

Visit our Deposit Methods page.

What happens when I lose or misplace my card? What if I find my old card?

Report a lost or stolen card immediately!
You can report your lost card to the Card Office during Card Office hours by calling (860) 832-2140. After hours call the CCSU Campus Police at (860) 832-2375. You can also report your lost card at the
On-Line Card Office

When you report your lost Blue Chip ID Card, request a "hold" to be placed on your card. This prevents anyone (even if you find it) from using your card. If you think you left your card in your room, car, or somewhere else, ask us for a temporary card so you can look for your card.

Look high & low...No card?

You can purchase a new card for a fee. Your first lost or intentionally damaged card is $10, additional cards are $25! If you undergo a name change or change your status (full to part-time or staff) we issue a new card for free.  There will be no charge for a replacement of a stolen card if a police report with a case number can be produced.

What happens if my card becomes damaged or broken?

Bring your card to the Card Office. If we determine that the card is damaged or worn through normal usage, there will be no charge for a replacement.

How do I get a balance or history of my account?

Any time you use your Blue Chip Card, the balance of your account will be displayed on the terminal. If at any other time you would like to know your balance, or any other information pertaining to your account, you may obtain a printout from the Card Office or visit the On-Line Card Office .

Can I make cash withdrawals from the Blue Chip account?

No. The account is to be used for on and off-campus purchases and not intended for cash flow. Your balance will automatically be carried forward from semester to semester. Upon graduation or withdrawal from the university, a refund will automatically be processed if you have more than $10.00 on your account.  Under extenuating circumstances, a refund may be processed. There is a $10 processing fee; refund is processed in 4-6 weeks and is refunded in the same fashion as money was deposited to account. Visit the Card Office in the Student Center to initiate the refund process.

Where can I find my Student ID? 

Visit our Student ID page for more information.  


The On-Line Card Office will allow you to check your balance, get a transaction history, report a lost card, and request a vending machine refund. You log on to the On-Line Card Office with your BlueNet username and password.

Click here to experience the On-Line Card Office.



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