All Central Connecticut State University (CCSU) student-athletes must provide evidence of primary insurance coverage that includes coverage for athletic-related injuries.  To that end, you must complete and return the enclosed Emergency Contact & Student Athlete Insurance Information form along with a photocopy of both sides of the student athlete’s primary insurance card.  This information must be returned to CCSU’s Department of Sports Medicine no later than June 1, 2008.  No student-athlete will be allowed to participate in conditioning workouts, practices, and/or competition until the completed form is on file.  All student-athletes must submit this form annually.

Many student-athletes and their parents believe that the University provides primary insurance coverage for student-athletes while participating in sports and this is not the case.  Each student-athlete is responsible for carrying his or her own primary insurance policy.  This insurance policy is mandatory and will be the first line of coverage for all athletic-related injuries.  CCSU will assume no responsibility whatsoever for the payment of, or authorization to pay medical expenses resulting from injuries that occur while participating in intercollegiate athletics at Central Connecticut State University. Any co-pays or deductibles are the responsibility of the student-athlete.

 Insurance coverage for student-athletes is summarized below:

Order of coverage Type of Insurance How Insurance is Purchased Policy Deductible Max Payable under Policy Insurance Carrier
1st line of coverage Student’s Primary Insurance Student must have their own health insurance coverage or purchase health insurance coverage through the University. Varies Varies
2nd line of coverage Student’s Accident Insurance Student is automatically enrolled when they pay their full time tuition and fees Must submit to primary insurance first $25,000
The Chickering Group
3rd line of coverage Supplemental Accident Insurance CCSU purchases this policy on behalf of its' student athletes Must submit to primary insurance first, accident insurance second $75,000
4th line of coverage NCAA Catastrophic Insurance The NCAA provides this supplemental insurance to student-athletes $75,000 $2,000,000 See

Athletes/Parents Please Note:

You should check with your insurance provider to verify that there are no exclusions in your policy regarding athletic-related injuries.

DO NOT drop dependent coverage while your son or daughter is participating in intercollegiate athletics. Most employers’ group insurance allows dependent coverage to be continued to age 23, if the dependent is a full-time student. 

If the parent carrying the primary insurance has a change in job status, the student-athlete’s insurance MUST be maintained by the student.

If necessary please remember to apply for “OUT-OF NETWORK COVERAGE” with your insurance company for your son/daughter while they are enrolled in college in Connecticut.

Dental coverage from an athletic injury has limited coverage, no insurance coverage is provided for dental work i.e. fillings, extractions.

Dental insurance can be purchased at an additional fee through the university’s insurance program.

The CCSU Athletic Department does not pay medical bills or file insurance claims on behalf of your son or daughter.  Medical bills mailed directly to the student-athlete from a health care provider must not be ignored. Submit your accident (injury) claim to your primary insurance provider before submitting to the “Student Accident Insurance” policy. For specific benefits of the “Student Accident” policy please go to:

The insurance carrier -

To waive insurance -

How to file a claim - Information/AETNAINSURANCE.htm

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