Program Notes

茉莉花 Jasmine Flower
江苏民歌, 金色风铃网制谱
Jiangsu Folk Song,
Arrangement by Golden Wind Chimes Website
Young girls marvel at the beauty and the fragrance of white jasmine flower as they are drawn to plucking one and wearing it. The song is one of the first Chinese folk songs to be widely known outside China. Giacomo Puccini adapted its melody in his opera Turandot where it is associated with Turandot’s splendor. The song has since been adapted by many artists around the world.

向往西藏; Yearning for Tibet
邵永强 词,尚德义 曲
Lyrics by Yongqiang Shao, Music by Deyi Shang,
We yearn for the majesty and purity of Tibet day and night. This land holds the divinity that cleanses our souls. The Tibetan pious spirit calls to our hearts.
When we close our eyes, we can smell the scent of the oil lamps of Buddhist temples. In that magical place, one can touch the moon over the snowy mountain and pause for a moment to enter the heaven of one’s dreams.

家乡 Home Town
韩红 词曲
Lyrics and Music by Hong Han
Tibetans admire the beauty of their home town Rikeze where the blue sky is dotted with white clouds and soaring eagles and rippling river is clear. The cows and sheep graze over the hills – which are, according to legend, blessed by the Buddha.

将军令 The General’s Command
扬琴 Chinese Dulcimer
Music by Zuhua Xiang
The General’s Command is composition emblematic of Sichuanese yangqin repertoire. It is commonly played during battle scenes and martial arts competitions, providing the soundtrack to an ensuing battle or victory and describing the heroism and vigor of the battlefield.

卓玛 A Girl Named Zhuoma
藏族舞蹈,清加措 曲
Tibetan Dance,Music by Qing Jian Cuo
The Tibetan prairie boasts of breath-taking beauties with flowers, herds of sheep and abundant natural resources. But the girl named Zhuoma outshines the natural beauties of the land. Graceful like a butterfly, this girl waltz among flowers; free like a bird flying over the prairie. The beautiful girl name Zhuoma belongs to the Tibetan grassland. The happy dancers express the joyful life of Tibetan girls and embody the beauty of the Tibetan prairie .

白孔雀 White Peacock
傣族舞蹈Dai ethnic dance
At a day break, a white peacock is gently flying over. Flapping its wings and feather, the peacock is strolling across streams, standing proudly, dipping water, and swirling with the winds. This dance shows not only a holy and elegant peacock, but also a lively and mysterious fairy.

梦中的卓玛 The Girl Named Zhuoma in My Dream
陈道斌 词; 黄耀国 曲
Lyrics by Daobin Chen; Music by Yaoguo Huang
A Tibetan boy met a beautiful girl named Zhuoma in his dream where she invited him to come and visit her in Lhasa so she could give him a tour of the beautiful Potala Palace.
The boy came to Lhasa where he met many girls named Zhuoma, but none of them was the girl from his dream. He came to the Potala Palace to pray for help, but he was only answered with drums from afar. Oh, how he missed the Zhuoma from his dream.

渔家姑娘在海边 Fisherman’s Daughters at the Seashore
黎汝清 词,王酩 曲,金巍 编配
Lyrics by Ruqing Li, Music by Ming Wang
Arranged by Wei Jin
At the seaside, the sea winds sing through the fig trees. The fisherman’s beautiful daughters weave fishing nets at the shore.

花大姐 Flower Sisters
湖南民歌,张韵旋 编合唱,杨通八 配伴奏
Hunan Folk Song, arranged by Yunxuan Zhang; Accompaniment by Tongba Yang
This choral piece is arranged from a lively folk tune in Hunan province. It describes beautiful girls in the flower garden, each dressed with pretty floral attire with embroidered apron. The song is rendered in the Hunan dialect.

新翻羽调绿腰 Lu Yao
琵琶 Pipa
Composed by Jieming Yang in 1982, this reinterpreted work is based on Tang Dynasty dance music.

天山之春 Springtime in Tian Shan
琵琶 Pipa
The original Xinjiang Uyghur "Rawap" music was composed by Wusimanjiang and Lichun Yu. In 1961, it was adapted by Fandi Wang and became a famous pipa solo.

女儿国 Women's Tale
Dai ethnic dance
Dance “Women’s Tale” depicts the lives of matriarchal society of long time ago when woman played central roles of the society. The dance uses unique dance language revealing the endurance, hardship, and love and caring of the women, and how they view the life and the world.

长穗剑 Long Spike Sword Dance
选自王彩云京胡协奏[白蛇传] 孙济春编舞
Music from the Jinghu concerto “The Tale of the White Snake”, by Caiyun Wang, Choreography by Jichun Sun
The Tale of the White Snake is one of the most famous tales in ancient China. The legend goes that a white snake came to the human world as she was longing for human life. She hence transformed to a beautiful Lady named Suzhen White who fell in love with a young man and married him. However, the couple is separated by a local monk, Fa-Hai. Suzhen White fought courageously for her family against Fa-Hai

菊花台 Chrysanthemum Pavilion
Classical Chinese Dance
周杰伦曲, 王熙 编舞
Music by Jay Chou, Choreography by Xi Wang
Inspired by the autumn flowers blooming in the cool and clear autumn breeze, dance Chrysanthemum Pavilion imitates the time lapse of flower blooming and fading, by which depicts our internal journey within our heart going high and low.

Strings and Frets
琵琶,扬琴 Pipa and Dulcimer Duet
Strings and Frets was composed by Yuening Liu and Sheng Mu in 1996. This composition strives for the notions of simplicity and elegant captivation, and expresses the shuttling movement of the yangqin’s strings and pipa’s frets.

葡萄园夜曲 Vineyards Nocturne
吴国平 词,陆在易 曲
Lyrics by Guoping Wu, Music by Zaiyi Lu,
Under the misty moonlight, the grape leaves/plants shake with the breeze and reveal many thoughts and emotions. The lush green hills were once desolate lands. The blossoming flowers have been irrigated by our sweat. The twinkling stars over the orchards are singing for the serene beauty brought by our love and dedication.

摇篮曲 Cradle Song
东北民歌,胡增荣 编合唱
Northeastern China Folk Song; Arranged by Zenrong Hu
A mother sings to her child to sleep during a serene night under the moonlight. She marvels at her healthy and handsome child and happily envisions his bright future and accomplishment after he grows up.

回娘家 Going to Parents’ Home
河北民歌 刘燕平 编配
Hebei Folk Song, Arranged by Yanping Liu
A married woman hurries happily on her way to visit her parents. She dresses up and carries her baby and many gifts to her parents. However, her joyful trip is ruined by a sudden thunderstorm. Her make-up is messed by the rain, the chicken and duck that she has carried as gift run away, and her baby cries after being scared by the thunders.

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