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Cycling Pattern for Electives

Policy on Special Education Course Scheduling


  1. Please use the cycling pattern for electives as a reference when you complete or modify your planned program of study.

  2. It is extremely important that you pre register for courses at the earliest time possible. As our enrollments increase in our graduate programs, there will soon be a time when each class will reach its maximum number of students. Already this semester, we had to close SPED 566 at 20 students well before the semester actually started. We then scheduled a section of SPED 566 for one of the summer sessions. We must have data on the number of students enrolled in each course several weeks before the semester begins to plan for course coverage. Please don’t be caught short of a course you need by waiting to register after the pre-registration time period.

  3. Department faculty members identify special topic courses for those students who can choose electives as part of their planned program. If there are particular topics you would like to see offered, please provide me with a topic area and I will inquire if there is sufficient interest to offer such a course. Remember, courses must have a minimum enrollment for us to allow it to occur.

  4. As a reminder, SPED 596 Designing Action Research in Special Education and SPED 597 Implementing and Documenting Action Research in Special Education are the two semester, 6 credit capstone courses for each of the master's degree programs. Currently, the maximum number of students for these courses is set at 15. We need to have a rough estimate of when students are ready to take these courses so that we can plan for the number of sections to offer at times we anticipate more than 15 students are ready to take the course. SPED 596 is Fall semester only. SPED 597 is Spring semester only. SPED 596 is a pre-requisite for SPED 597. SPED 596 may be taken upon completion of 18 credits plus ED 598 (21 credits total).

  5. Students in Strand B of the master’s degree program must enroll in either the practicum or student teaching course(s). Please meet with your adviser to clarify which of these two choices fits your situation. We need to know who is ready to complete their first or second practicum this summer. To enroll in the first practicum, you must have completed SPED 511, SPED 512, SPED 513 and SPED 514 prior to the summer you intend to enroll in the practicum course of five weeks. You will receive an “I” (incomplete) and will complete projects according to a rubric distributed as part of your practicum requirements.

    Upon completing SPED 515, SPED 516, SPED 517 or 518, and SPED 520, you will complete an additional five weeks during the following summer and finish additional projects. You will then receive a grade for the entire practicum experience.

  6. Students in the post baccalaureate certification program will complete two student teaching assignments of eight weeks each. These two placements will cover elementary and secondary placements as well as students who represent different special education labels.

  7. SPED 520: Seminar in Special Education will now be offered during the spring semester each year. This course contains a major focus on the multicultural aspects of teaching and is an essential component to your teacher preparation in special education. This course is required for all students enrolled in the post baccalaureate certification program and Strand B of the master’s degree program.

  8. Students in Strand B of the master’s degree program who have not successfully passed the BEST program must enroll in student teaching instead of the practicum course. Students will complete either 1 or 2 student teaching assignments depending on their number of years teaching and recommendation from their advisor.

  9. In an effort to maintain a more frequent flow of information to all graduate students enrolled in a special education program, I am requesting that you provide me with your current e-mail address. I can then send you updates, advertisements for special topic courses, special announcements about scholarships and financial aid, etc.

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