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General F.A.Q.s

What are “directed electives” and how do I select them?

“Directed electives” are courses within your particular area of study. They can range from a variety of academic subjects, including (but not limited to): anthropology, communication, economics, English, geography, history, political science, sociology, and modern language courses.

The best person to consult when selecting your directed electives is your advisor. They will know which courses are most appropriate for your area of study and will work with you to fulfill this requirement with classes within your particular academic interests.

What are my options for study abroad?

Any questions you may have concerning studying abroad should be directed to the Center for International Education, located in Barnard Hall, room 123. They will be able to help you select the study abroad option that is best for you.

As an International and Area Studies major, you are required to complete a study abroad experience, but the duration and location are up to you! Again, please visit the Center for International Education for more information.

Also, be sure to check out our website’s Study Abroad page for helpful information and links to scholarship opportunities.

How can I change my concentration to a different region?

To change your concentration to a different region, you must complete either the Undergraduate Change of Major, Degree, or Advisor form (for undergraduate students) or the Change of Graduate Degree/Program, Major/Specialization, or Advisor form (for graduate students). The form must be approved and signed by the department chairperson as well as the dean of the school.

Please be advised that changing your concentration may affect your directed electives, language requirements, and/or overall completion of the program.

How can I register for an Independent Study?

If you wish to take an Independent Study, you must complete the Independent Study Course Registration form with the professor with whom you plan to take the Independent Study. Once you and your professor have completed this form, you must have your Independent Study approved by the department chairperson, the dean of the school, and, for graduate students, the dean of graduate studies. After you have submitted the necessary paperwork for the Independent Study, you will see it appear on your transcript shortly thereafter.

How can I change my academic advisor?

To change your academic advisor, you must complete either the Undergraduate Change of Major, Degree, or Advisor form (for undergraduate students) or the Change of Graduate Degree/Program, Major/Specialization, or Advisor form (for graduate students). The form must be approved and signed by the department chairperson as well as the dean of the school.

What is the language requirement?

All International and Area Studies students must be proficient in a language within their area of study equivalent to the 226 level. This can be completed by taking modern language courses through the 226 level or by testing out of the language through an examination with a professor of that language.

Undergraduates are required to complete 18 credits of modern language as part of their curriculum. If they reach the 226 level in fewer than 18 credits, they will need to fulfill the remainder of their credits with directed electives.

What can I do with a degree in International and Area Studies?

With a degree in International and Area Studies, your options are nearly limitless. Many of our undergraduates go on to complete their Master’s degree either here at CCSU or at another university, while many other students go directly into the field finding jobs in a variety of fields. Because of our rigorous and diverse curriculum, our students leave CCSU with a wealth of knowledge and with the tools to succeed in multiple job environments.

For more information, and to find a career geared toward your particular academic or worldly interests, please stop by the Center for Advising and Career Exploration in Willard 103.

Undergraduate F.A.Q.s

What is the senior project/senior thesis?

The Senior Project or Thesis (International Studies 475) is a capstone requirement in the International and Area Studies program that is required of all majors.

How do I register for my senior project/senior thesis?

To register for IS 475 you need to first secure a faculty sponsor for your project or essay. This individual is often your advisor, but need not be. Together with your faculty advisor you will fill out and submit the Independent Study Course Registration form to complete your registration for the course.

What is the Undergraduate Curriculum Sheet?

The Undergraduate Curriculum Sheet is a useful tool for you, your advisor, and the school to know what courses you have taken and will take prior to graduating. It is important that you sit down with your advisor to fill out your Curriculum Sheet as early as possible and to keep updating it as you continue throughout the program and prepare for undergraduate graduation.

Do I need a minor if I major in International and Area Studies?

No, International and Area Studies majors do not need a minor.

Graduate F.A.Q.s

I’m about to start my Graduate Thesis – what do I need to know?

Most questions about the Graduate Thesis can be answered by reading the Graduate Thesis Handbook. This handbook will walk you through the process of writing a Master’s Thesis, including the correct procedures, the necessary forms, the appropriate style and length, etc. Please refer to that handbook first prior to consulting your academic advisor with additional questions.

What is the Planned Program of Graduate Study form?

The Planned Program of Graduate Study is a form that you must complete with your academic advisor prior to completing 15 credits of the program. This form lists the courses you have taken, or plan to take, in completion of the Masters of Science in International and Area Studies degree. After you have completed the form with your academic advisor, it must be approved by the Director of the department and then submitted to the Dean of Graduate Studies. We advise that you complete this form as early as possible

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