Minor in Business (for non-business majors)

18 credits as follows:

Lower-division common business core (9 credits)

Three courses identified by the student's School of Business faculty advisor and approved before taking these classes.Possible courses include AC 211, AC 212, FIN 295, LAW 250, MGT 295, MIS 201, or MKT 295.

Upper-division functional area (9 credits)

Three courses, taken in residence, from a specific functional area: i.e., accounting, finance, international business, management, MIS, or marketing. "Capstone" courses and certain special project courses, such as independent study, may be excluded. (Specific course prerequisites, as shown in course listings given elsewhere in this catalog, must also be taken.) These courses must be approved by a School of Business faculty advisor before the courses are taken.

Students must complete the entire business minor course requirements with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.00 for the six courses used to complete the business minor. Students must also receive a grade of C- or better in each minor course taken. Some business minor functional areas may have higher minimum grade and cumulative grade point average requirements. Please check the specific requirements for each functional business minor area.

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