Minor in Modern Language (18 credits)

FR 125Intermediate French I3
FR 126Intermediate French II3
FR 225Essential Skills in French I
FR 226Essential Skills in French II3
ITAL 125Intermediate Italian I3
ITAL 126Intermediate Italian II3
ITAL 225Intermediate Italian III3
ITAL 226Intermediate Italian IV3
GER 125Intermediate German I3
GER 126Intermediate German II3
GER 225Intermediate German III3
GER 226Intermediate German IV3
For non-native speakers:
SPAN 125Intermediate Spanish I3
SPAN 126Intermediate Spanish II3
SPAN 225Intermediate Spanish III3
SPAN 226Intermediate Spanish IV3
For native speakers:
SPAN 190Language for Heritage Speakers of Spanish I3
SPAN 191Language for Heritate Speakers of Spanish II3
SPAN 290Hispanic Culture for Heritage Speakers of Spanish I3
SPAN 291Hispanic Culture for Heritage Speakers of Spanish II3
CHIN 111Elementary Chinese I3
CHIN 112Elementary Chinese II3
CHIN 125Intermediate Chinese I3
CHIN 126Intermediate Chinese II3
JAPN 125Intermediate Japanese I3
JAPN 126Intermediate Japanese II3
JAPN 225Intermediate Japanese III3
JAPN 226Intermediate Japanese IV3
and 6 credits of directed electives

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