Major in Psychology, BA (42 credits)

PSY 112Introduction to Psychology
PSY 113Exploring Psychology3
PSY 221Research Methods in Psychology I4
PSY 222Research Methods in Psychology II4
PSY 236Life-Span Development3
PSY 330Abnormal Psychology3
PSY 490History & Systems of Psychology3

One course is required from each of the following categories:


PSY 372Social Psychology3
PSY 470Personality Psychology: Theories and Research3


PSY 342Sensation & Perception3
PSY 450Biopsychology3


PSY 200Learning & Memory3
PSY 281Cognitive Psychology3
PSY 440Motivation3


PSY 420Cross-Cultural Psychology3
PSY 430Intergroup Relations

and 9 credits of psychology electives

In addition, in order to graduate, students must take the Psychology Assessment test. The test will be administered by the department every semester; students may take the test only once.

A minor is required for this major.

Note: PSY 112 (C- or higher) and STAT 215 (C- or higher) are prerequisites for PSY 221.

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