Skill Area IV. University Requirement

2-3 credits

Courses designed to foster personal well-being and the development of academic skills essential for the successful pursuit of a university education. PE 144 (Fitness/Wellness Ventures) is required of all students entering with fewer than 15 credits, and it is recommended that it be taken in the student's first year. Those entering with 15 credits or more may complete this requirement with 2-3 additional credits in the skill areas above or with other Skill Area IV courses. Remedial courses, MATH 101, and elementary language courses (111 or 112) will not fulfill this requirement.

PE 144   Fitness/Wellness Ventures (required of all students entering with fewer than 15 credits and recommended to be taken in a student's first year)
CET 113   Introduction to Information Processing
CS 115   Workshop in Computer Science
CS 210   Computing and Culture
GRT 112   Digital Imaging for Graphics Technology
GRT 212   Graphic Arts Processes
LSC 150   Library Resources and Skills
RDG 140   Reading Efficiency
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