Study Area III. Behavioral Sciences

6 credits

Courses that focus on the interaction(s) between and among individuals and/or groups and social/cultural institutions. (In this study area, students will typically be exposed to courses in anthropology, psychology, and sociology.)

AMS 110   Introduction to American Studies
ANTH 140   Introduction to Anthropology [I]
ANTH 150   Introduction to Archaeology
ANTH 160   Introduction to Biological Anthropology
ANTH 170   Introduction to Cultural Anthropology [I]
ANTH 200   Dimensions of Diversity and Inequality
ANTH 210   The Ancient World
ANTH 215   Before History
ANTH 240   The Supernatural [I]
CEN 200   Introduction to Community and Civic Engagement
COMM 215   Introduction to Interpersonal Communication
COMM 230   Introduction to Mass Media
CM 110   The Built Environment and Global Society [I]
CRM 220   Ideology & Violence
CRM 230   Law Enforcement & Society
CRM 245   Diversity and Criminal Justice
ENGR 291   Engineering Diversity [D]
FYS 103   First Year Seminar-Behavioral Sciences
HON 220   Science and Society II: Social Sciences and Society
HON 250   Western/World Culture III: Comparative Topics [I]
IS 226   Intercultural Sensitivity [I]
LING 200   Introduction to Linguistics
LING 230   The Study of Language [I]
PSY 112   General Psychology I
PSY 125   Environment & Behavior
PSY 200   Learning & Memory
PSY 236   Life-Span Development [D]
PSY 241   Introduction to Health Psychology
PSY 281   Cognitive Psychology
SOC 110   Introductory Sociology
SOC 111   Social Problems
SOC 212   Race, Class, and Gender
SOC 233   The Family
SOC 240   The Sociology of Gender
SW 100   Exploration in Social Work
WGSS 200   Introduction to Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies
WGSS 240   The Sociology of Gender
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