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GERO 101 Introduction to Gerontology  3
Introduction to the interdisciplinary study of gerontology and the implications of aging in our society. Includes a review of social, psychological, economic, cultural, health, and policy issues. Discussion of normal vs. abnormal (disease-related) aspects of aging. Irregular. Study Area III.



GERO 495 Internship in Gerontology  4
Prereq.: PSY 236 and permission of instructor. Seminar and internship in gerontology. Students participate in a classroom seminar on issues relevant to careers in aging and also work 120-140 hours for agencies or organizations providing a variety of services to older adults. Required for gerontology minors. Irregular.

GERO 498 Special Topics in Gerontology  3
Prereq.: GERO 101 or permission of instructor. Analysis and evaluation of special topics in the field of gerontology. Topics announced each semester. May be repeated with different topics for a total of 6 credits. irregular.

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